Designing Themed Weddings

Designing Themed Weddings

What is the big deal about wedding themes?  Does every wedding design have to have a theme?  The answer, of course, is ‘no’.  There are no rules against designing a wedding that does not have a specific theme.  In fact, some designers and bridal couples believe that wedding planning around a theme limits the possibilities.

We don’t happen to agree with that point of view.  And this is why.  Let’s say you are about to head out for dinner with friends.  How do you decide which restaurant to go to?  Is it based on proximity?  Quality of food?  The cute bartender?  Or the kind of food that is served?  Really, it doesn’t matter which variable you choose, but you’re going to have to make a decision based on something.  Otherwise, you will probably end up hungry.

Weddings, like any project, involve decisions.  Lots of decisions.  And while basing your design on a specific theme does not eliminate having to make decisions, it will certainly reduce the number of decisions you have to make.

Themed Wedding Design - What Is It & How do You Develop One?

The wedding theme is a design that will make your big day a true reflection of you and your partner.  It is what personalizes your wedding.

Start by collecting ideas.  There are lots of ways to do this. Pinterest boards are easy and provide endless possibilities.  Look through bridal magazines and make note of the themes and designs that catch your eye or resonate with you.  Think about weddings you have attended.  Which ones are the most memorable?  Why?  Think about your lifestyle.  Do you tend to be formal in your outlook or more laid back?  Are you drawn to ‘lavish’ displays or do you like ‘clean and simple’?

Once you've collected some pictures and jotted down your ideas, you will probably notice a theme beginning to emerge. With your wedding planner, you can take those overall ideas and focus on a primary theme based on,

  • the ethnicity of you and your partner,
  • the venue you have chosen (beach wedding vs church service),
  • your favorite colors,
  • the time of year your wedding is scheduled to take place,
  • an activity you and your partner really enjoy (baseball, skydiving, movies) or,
  • your level of formality (elegant, rustic, eco-chic).

Taking the Theme to Your Designs

Once the primary theme has been chosen, trends of the year can be woven into the design.  According to several online bridal magazines, the wedding trends for 2019 include,

  • dark and moody colors,
  • classic and traditional event design,
  • evening weddings,
  • balloons (Lots and lots of balloons!),
  • unusual floral arrangements(Pampas grass, for instance.) and,
  • eco-friendly design components.

Once you have pulled that information together, your dream wedding will be a personalized reflection of you and your partner. And looking back at your wedding photos, you will see that it really was your wedding.

What are your thoughts about wedding themes?  Invaluable or confining?  Let us know.

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