Designing a Winter Wedding

Designing a Winter Wedding

It's the time of the year where the warm summer sun has vanished and the moon comes out quicker than we are used to. Yes, if you haven’t guessed it, we are heading into the winter season. Some dread it, others can’t get enough.

Being a wedding designer might mean that you are going to be hired to design a winter wedding. How will you execute these plans?

Wedding Designing

Are you ready to take on this challenge of designing a winter themed wedding?! Sure, you are!

If you are a person that tends to dread the winter season, you may find it difficult as a designer to get creative with this desired wedding theme. To help your designing skills, let’s go over some winter wedding designing tips and tricks to use for your winter wonderland event.

Winter Weddings

To start, it will be important to complete a detailed client consultation to be confident that you and your client’s visions are aligned.

When that is finished, start getting creative. When designing a winter wonderland some designers gear their designing elements towards objects that will make the wedding guests feel, “cozy”.

Some examples of wedding design elements that can make wedding guests feel cozy are,

  • Blankets
    • Make these available for the ceremony and reception.
  • Hot chocolate station
    • Allow guests to sip on this during the ceremony. Also, allow time to incorporate this during the reception.
  • sleigh rides
    • This will truly reflect the "winter wonderland" component.

The ideas of bringing cozy elements into this wedding theme design are endless. Incorporating cozy elements may be the key to a successful event space.

Winter Design Must-Haves

Depending on your client’s visions for their winter wonderland wedding, some may want more aspects of the winter theme incorporated into their day, while others may not be looking for many touches at all.

Regardless if your client wants a full out winter wonderland design or not, here are some must-have elements for any winter wedding design,

  • Faux Fur,
  • White flowers,
  • Glitter and
  • Colors of red, green, black and gold.

The faux fur and glitter - or shimmering details, whether shown through clothing or decorating elements, will be essential. The faux fur will allow your guests to feel invited, warm and cozy.

White flowers are also a need for a winter wedding. White flowers are a great way to showcase the winter wedding theme. This floral color adds softness and elegance to the event.

Finally, adding colors of red, green, black and gold to your winter wedding designs are a must. This color scheme will make your plans tie together nicely. These colors can be seen in nearly all winter wedding designs.

Winter Wonderland Weddings – The Final Component

Remember to use white draping in our designs; again, to deliver a snowy, winter aspect. Finally, creating an environment with low lighting will tie all of your designs together perfectly.

Where ever your creativity for designing a winter wedding goes, all of us from IWED know that you will be able to turn your clients dreams into reality.

Happy designing!!

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