Designing a Fall Wedding

Designing a Fall Wedding

What are the most popular months in the year in which to get married?  June?  July?  August?  If your answer included any of those three months, you would be incorrect.  According to Zola (, “for the first time ever, 40 percent of all weddings will take place during the months of September and October”.  Are you surprised?  Despite the fact that my husband and I married in September, I was very surprised by the answer.  I thought we were bucking the trend by setting our date for the end of September.  (Truthfully, we chose our date because, as avid racing sailors, we wanted to compete in the entire summer series.  But that story is for another time.)


  1. Book Early

Because September and October are now the most popular months in which to get married, it is vital to book your venue as early as possible. When you and your fiancé are in the pre-wedding design phase, booking your venue should be upper most in your minds. Your venue is one of the most important wedding design elements because it usually sets the stage for the theme and overall mood of your celebration.  A different venue, a different theme.


  1. Consider the Weather

My husband and I were married at my parent’s farm.  A perfect setting for an outdoor fall wedding.  And because our date fell on the last weekend in September we (kind of) assumed the weather would be warm enough to hold the ceremony outside.  Were we surprised!  The skies were bright blue and the sun was shining fiercely, but the temperature was very low. At one point, I was sure I could see snowflakes in the air.  My dress had long sleeves, so I survived the outdoor ceremony without any problem.  In hindsight, though, I should have included a wrap of some sort in my ensemble.


  1. Choose Your Colors

If you check out George Street Photo & Video you will see that the trendy wedding colors for 2019 are perfect for a fall wedding.  Dark, rich jewel tones such as emerald green, sunflower yellow, ruby red, burgundy and navy blue suit the season and bring a richness to any wedding palette.


  1. Give Your Photographer a Heads-Up

Maybe you have a friend, family member or professional photographer that has ‘always’ wanted to shoot your wedding.  Fortunately, autumn in one of the best times of the year to take photos.  In his article, Why Autumn Is The Best Time To Take Photos,  Jason Row says, “The sun’s trajectory being much lower means the time of golden light and long shadows is significantly longer than in the summer. The cooler weather of autumn also means less pollution and hence clearer skies.”

Fall can be a wonderful time to get married.  But it’s rising popularity means you need to gather your wedding design ideas and book early to avoid disappointment. Why not start today?

Are you planning a fall wedding? We’d love to hear from you!

Written By Kathy Milliken

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