Be Ready for Anything! Learn the Secrets of Pop Up Restaurant Event Designs

As an event designer, one of the things that you may face in your career is putting on a pop up event. These are events that happen in a new venue for just a short period of time, before moving on to another place. Retailers and restaurants do these events frequently as a way to build a cool sense of mystery around their brand. Here’s what you need to know about planning the pop up event design for a restaurant.

Start with Goals for the Pop Up Event Design

In order to give the restaurant a great pop up event design, you need to know what their goals are for the event. Do they want to introduce a new seasonal menu to an early crowd of VIPs? Are they testing the waters in a new city before establishing a location there? Are they celebrating a specific milestone or holiday? Understanding why they are having the pop up and what they hope to gain through the event is important for your event design.

Be Extra Prepared to Improvise with This Event Design

A pop up event is less like an event at an established restaurant, and more like a wedding. It’s temporary, and you have to be prepared for all kinds of emergencies. For example, what if the temporary venue runs out of chairs? What if the valet service you hired doesn’t show? You must have back up plans for every single aspect to pull off a pop up without a hitch. You’ll be working hard to earn that event planner salary, but it will be worth it when your reputation as a calm, collected and creative designer is reported to other potential clients.

Keep the Focus on the Food in the Event Design

With some restaurant events, the focus may be on the opening of a new location, or some other related topic – but with a pop up, it’s all about the food. Whether the restaurant is unveiling a new menu, a guest chef, or introducing themselves to a new area, the primary reason that guests attend restaurant pop ups is to try delicious food! So, keep your event design focused on the main event. Have the space “fit” the food, such as a barn for a barbecue joint, or an industrial warehouse venue for a cool fusion restaurant.

Pay Close Attention to the Budget

Finally, it’s very important to keep an eye on the budget for a smaller event like this. Because you are usually able to spend more on quality due to having a smaller space to design, it’s easy to go overboard with expensive little touches here and there. As the event design pro, you’ve got to stay organized and keep everything on track, so that the chef and restaurant owner can focus on serving the guests a great meal.

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