Hot Wedding Planner Trends for 2018: Designing The Perfect Rooftop Wedding

A rooftop wedding is one of the most romantic ways to say “I do”. With the beautiful skyline and the feeling of soaring over it all infusing the event, it’s hard to beat the luxury of this venue choice. But for wedding planners, rooftop weddings do present a few uniqu...

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How to Wow Attendees with Experiential Event Design

One of the many industry buzzwords you’ll hear as you explore an event management degree is “experiential event design”. This phrase simply means that your guests don’t want to just attend a meeting; they want to experience something that makes them part of the event ...

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What not to do at your wedding
4 Wedding Planner Faux Pas & How to Avoid Them

Wedding planning is a tough job for anyone, but if you’re interested in earning that event planner salary, you have to be able to navigate the common pitfalls of the most romantic event of a person’s life. These four wedding planner faux pas are common among couples w...

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Professional Skill Building - Essential If You Want to Become a Wedding Planner

When you first think to yourself “I would love to become a wedding planner!”, you probably envision romantic moments where you save the special day for a lovely couple, or think about all the cool wedding themes you’ll get to try out from your favorite Pinterest board...

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Wedding decor doesn't have to be expensive to make a big impact, here are some tips on making the most of your wedding design budget
Less Is More: Delivering on a Minimalist Wedding Design Theme

So many weddings evoke feelings of luxury and extravagance that it can be hard to imagine a minimal wedding feeling as romantic as a fairy-tale event. But with the right wedding design, any theme can look truly magical. If the minimal look is what you’re after with a ...

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Tips for having an exceptional, eco-friendly wedding
Learn How to Incorporate Sustainability into Event Design

When it comes to event design, one thing that every professional designer has to consider is consumables. From disposable utensils and napkins, to printed event programs and more, there are dozens of items that ultimately end up in the trash after an event is done. Th...

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How to use greenery at your wedding
How to Use Greenery to Punch Up a Wedding Design

Many people think of bright and beautiful flowers when they picture wedding décor, but one of the many secrets that event professionals learn through a wedding planner certification course is how to use greenery to help complement any wedding design. You can let your ...

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How to plan the perfect wedding
5 Tips Top Wedding Planners Use to Keep The Big Day Organized

You’re a new wedding planner and you’ve managed to make it through the planning stages of your first event with your sanity intact. You handled choosing venues, seating plans, and all the other planning things with no trouble at all. But now you’ve come to the big day...

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How to Become a Certified Wedding Planner Online
How to Become a Successful Wedding Planner: Invest in Education

Whether you are starting over with a fun new career that you are passionate about, or you’re just getting started on your career path, to become a wedding planner is an exciting choice! You’ll get to spend your days coordinating beautiful events that celebrate love – ...

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