Not every wedding day disaster can be fixed by a little something in an
emergency kit. Whether we’ve seen it online or been witness to the actual
disaster many of us know about weddings that, for instance, have been late
starting because the minister double-booked for a funeral. In this case, one of
the vendors handed out ice cream cones to all the guests.

Perhaps you’ve arrived at the wedding reception of a friend or family member to
find that the reception venue has gone out of business. That couple was very
lucky to have had parents with a large house and back yard. The food was
scaled down, but at least they had a reception.

I attended a wedding where the mother of the bride was late getting to the
ceremony because her mother had died in the car on the way to the church. The
bride’s mother told everyone – including the bride – that the grandmother had
not been feeling well and had decided to stay home.

One of my girlfriends attended the wedding of her cousin. While nothing
showed up while the bride was getting dressed, throughout the afternoon and
evening it became more and more evident that the bride had developed
measles. Her wedding photos are a documentation of the development of a

Fortunately, not many bridal couples are confronted by those kinds of calamities.
On the more manageable end of the scale, what sorts of things should you tuck
into your wedding day emergency kit?


The Dress

Although imperfect hair and a broken fingernail can be frustrating, the bride
really can’t walk down the aisle without her wedding dress. So above all else,
make sure that the dress can be spot-cleaned and ‘sewn up’ if something gets
spilled on it or the zipper breaks:

  • sewing kit with lots of thread, safety pins
  • clear nail polish or Superglue for head pieces and shoes
  • stain removerPersonal Items:
  • make-up
  • deodorant / perfume
  • dental floss / mouthwash
  • comb/ brush / bobby pins / hairspray
  • nail fileHealth Items:
  • bottled water / granola bars
  • medication / ibuprofen / Gravol / bandages



Most eyes will be on the bride as she walks toward her almost-husband. But
wedding planning and wedding planning checklists also include an emergency
kit for the groom’s wedding day.

The Suit

  • sewing kit with dark thread & safety pins
  • lint roller
  • stain removed
  • extra tie
  • extra pair of socks
  • extra set of cufflinks
  • a bit of cash for tips
  • handkerchief
  • shoe kitPersonal Items
  • deodorant
  • mouthwashHealth Items
  • medication / ibuprofen / bandages

For more information about decorating and designing weddings and other
celebrations, contact IWED, the Institute of Wedding and Event Design for
details about courses and classes.

What would you or did you put in your wedding day emergency kit? Post a
comment. We would love to hear from you.

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