Yes, No, WTH!

According to the 1863 holiday favorite, ‘Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat’. But
according to Wedding Wire, ‘Christmas is coming’ and it’s the most popular day for couples to
get engaged. Before the wedding planning starts, before wedding planning checklists are
made, before anyone says, ‘I do’, someone has to say, ‘Will you marry me?’

Take my dad, for instance. Before the term came into existence, my mother was a self-
described chocoholic. So it was no surprise that my father wooed my mother with chocolate.
He proposed by putting my mother’s engagement ring in the top layer of a 5lb box of
chocolates. She said ‘yes’, ate the top layer – all 2 1/2 pounds – and then vomited into the
wee hours of the night. But she got up the next morning and ate the rest of the chocolates!

As my then-boyfriend and I headed out one Saturday morning to buy groceries he said, “Do
you want to look for wedding rings?” I said ‘sure’. The woman at the jewelry store was very
nice and did her best not to laugh when I said I wanted “Honey Bunny” engraved on the inside
of my ring.My best friend and her then-boyfriend were out for a special dinner. She was so excited that,
when he proposed a champagne toast, she didn’t see the engagement ring he’d put in the
glass. And – yes – she swallowed it! Despite having her stomach pumped, she was thrilled
to be engaged.

Some proposals are so extraordinary that they make the news. Take Kevin Przytula, for
instance. Przytula brought a cameraman along when he got down on one knee, outdoors, to
ask girlfriend, Allyssa Anter, to marry him. So far so good. Except Anter’s young son, Owen,
chose that moment to relieve himself behind Przytula. And the camera caught everything!


Unfortunately, not all proposal stories have happy endings. Sometimes things are not meant
to be. Take this one from ‘Redditor Temporary Patch’. “I was in Minnesota, at the HHH
Metrodome watching a Twins game with my dad. In between innings, they put a big ‘Will You
Marry Me?’ sign on the electronic board and cut to a guy getting down on one knee.
Everyone is applauding, oohing and aahing. Then we all notice something. She is shaking
her head ‘no’. This guy got shot down and everyone in the stadium could see it. I really hope
someone was able to make sure he got home all right, ‘cause I am pretty sure he didn’t stay
sober after that.”

Even when the proposal is low-key, emotions can run high. Sometimes people are ready to
get married, but not ready at the same time. Sometimes the couple has been together for so
long, the engagement is a non-event. But most times, the proposal is done at the right time
with the right person in the right way and everyone lives happily ever after.
How did your fiancé propose? Post a comment. We’d love to hear from you.

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