Every wedding planning checklist focuses on color. Why so much emphasis on choosing colors?  Because the palette sets the mood for the entire wedding. Probably more than the theme of the ceremony and reception, colors give an immediate feel to everything from invitations to wedding wear to flowers and floral arrangements.  Years from now, even without looking at your wedding photos, it will be the colors that you remember most easily.  


If you ask people what colors they associate with Christmas weddings, most will say ‘red’, ‘green’ and probably ‘white’.  And while those colors may seem kind of ho-hum, they can also be ho-ho-ho! Like most colors, red, green and white are available in a wide range of shades and hues that go from understated to rich.  Think deep jewel-tones such burgundy, scarlet, and carnelian. Green can be emerald, jade, or olive. Even white runs the gamut from cream to vanilla to ivory. And no Christmas event is complete without silver or gold trimmings.


As 2019 comes to an end, designers of all sorts – including those in the wedding planning business – are looking at the colors and color combinations for 2020.  Gazing at bridal magazines and wedding websites, you will see that the overall palette for spring and summer is generally ‘soft’.



If you check Truly Engaging’s website, you will find an earthy but fresh new palette for the new year:

  • grey, white, willow green and lavender
  • misty green, coconut, icy blue and ivory 

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Colors Bridesmaid suggests a range of soft color combinations for summer ceremonies:

  • light blue and white
  • white and greenery
  • ice blue and hot pink
  • purple and pink
  • rose pink and grey
  • lavender and light purple
  • blush and grey
  • dusty rose and black
  • dusty blue and blush 



As the warm weather fades into fall’s crisper temperatures, the colors increase in intensity. Deeper, richer shades are paired with spring and summer’s colors.

  • blush pink and magenta 
  • icy blue and navy 
  • sage green and deep green
  • lavender dresses appear with deep purple accents
  • light grey is paired with black



As the temperatures fall even further, jewel tones dominant wedding attire and decor.  

  • Burgundy and navy
  • red and green in all their glorious shades and hues
  • purple and persimmon
  • emerald green and dark grey
  • deep grey and black
  • black and burgundy 


Regardless of the trends, of course, it is important that the palette of your wedding be a reflection of who you are. Know that fabric, formal wear and decor is more available in colors that are trendy but no bridal couple has to follow the crowd.  Start with what’s trending and then make it your own.  


Getting married in 2020?  What color combinations are you planning?  Post a comment. We would love to hear from you!

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