Houses, clothes, hairstyles and even food. Sometimes I look at a photo and just know when

the featured item was designed. There’s nothing wrong with being on the cutting edge of

style. What would 2010 have been without hipster style? Or athleisure? Abercrombie and

Fitch (#abercrombiestyle)? Monsoon Accessorize? Bangs? Thin headbands? Deep-fried

pickles (#deepfriedpickles) or Korean barbecue (#koreanbbq)?


Looking back ten years, we can see that while some of those trends were hot at the time, they

have faded. Others will continue to be visible for many years. And those are the designs,

decor and fashions I’m writing about today. Perennial. Classic. Ageless.

Whether you are a professional event planner or you feed your creative soul by event

planning for family and friends, choosing a theme is one of the most important aspects of the

planning process. If you or your customer is interested in a theme of a timeless nature, what

would that decor include?


  1. The colors you use would relate to the theme rather than to what’s trendy now. For

example, a Mardi Gras party – regardless of when you throw it – would use the colors chosen

in 1892: purple, green and gold. A ‘Black and White Ball’ is pretty self-explanatory, as is a

classic Christmas get together.


  1. You could also recognize a timeless-themed event by the accessories used. What would

a classic Hollywood movie awards party be without the ubiquitous Oscar? Lots of award

celebrations have more modern ‘trophies’ but none are as ageless as the golden statue of the

Academy Awards. If I suggested a Masquerade party, I bet you could develop a clear picture


of the decor in your mind. What about an Enchanted Forest soiree or an Under the Sea-

themed event? You already know what they look like, don’t you?


  1. Activities define classic events, too. A Roaring Twenties party, for instance, would usually

include a large formal dinner, lots of flowers, and Flappers with their thigh-high dresses and

ornate headpieces. Don’t forget the gangsters and their Tommy guns! Celebrating New

Year’s Eve at a Times Square-themed party would have to include counting down the clock

and drinking champagne (or a special beverage) to ring in the new year. Invariably, luaus

include limbo dancing.


  1. Not much defines parties more than food. When you imagine your friends at that

Hawaiian luau, you probably imagine eating pineapple, Kahlua pork, mango salsa and poi.

Well – maybe not poi. And I probably don’t need to tell you what is served at an Oktoberfest.


  1. The age of your party-goers is important, too. Children’s parties require the same

attention to colors, accessories, activities, and food. Examples of timeless kids’ parties

include Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, circus, Wizard of Oz, Jurassic Park, dinosaurs,

lego, tea parties, superheroes, African safaris and time travel.


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What’s your favorite timeless theme? Post a comment. We would love to hear from you.

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