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Brittany Mancini! Beacon of light 

Here's my story! 

I'm originally from Atlanta, GA but I finished school and really started my career in Jacksonville, FL. We spent summers and holidays with our family scattered up north and along the east coast. I was an academic team nerd and a band geek, and I always loved making floor plans and drawing wildlife scenes. Today, I still draw sketches of furniture ideas, backdrops and floral.

- 3 fun facts about you...

  • I'm a professional fire eater and circus performer! I'm very active in the circus community, teaching fire safety.
  • I have a cat named Taco caT (as in the palindrome) that I'd die for. He has a big personality! 
  • I'm a finish carpenter. I make custom cabinets and furniture, as well as custom signage with our CNC.


- How would you describe your style as an Event Designer?

My signature style is a bit transitional, either fresh romantic or a little moody. I favor Italian design, likely thanks to my family. I do like a fun pattern or eclectic art piece, but I tend to fit it in subtly. To me, the guest experience and function determines where we go with design - not the other way around - so that's where I'll start.

-What made you decide to take the leap and open up a business of your very own?

I've loved every company I've worked for in the past planning events! I've been very lucky. Working as a circus performer had already given me a taste of the autonomy and hard work it takes, as well as helping my fiancé run his woodworking company. Family and my health drove me to make the decision to move up north to be closer, and everything just fit. In 2023, the timing was right.


- Why did you decide to become a professional wedding planner/designer?

Out of high school, I was actually working to become a Music Theory teacher. I was working at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens for years before realizing my talents. I grew up around fundraisers thanks to my grandmother, I had assisted with events in the circus community, I was even volunteering for every event at the Zoo. I didn't put it together until someone told me "Hey! You should just be on the events team!" At the time, I was in the middle of my teaching internship, but once it clicked, I applied for the next opening. Now I've worked for multiple organizations, designers, and I flourished at a production company doing hybrid AV/decor work. I've had fun every step of the way!


- What made you decide to pursue your certification training with IWED and how did you hear of IWED?

If you're serious about events, you've heard of IWED. I follow a lot of programs on social media, I listen to podcasts, I'm subscribed to magazines and blogs. IWED: Uncut is a podcast I adore, and many online groups I'm in have your past students. I did a bit of research when I went out on my own, thinking I'd better find some way of legitimizing myself as a designer when I don't have a company backing me, and IWED always checked every box.


- Why did you choose LUXE?

Honestly, my fiancé Cameron chose it! He knew I was looking at the certifications a little before Christmas and he signed me up as a gift.. so sweet! As a completionist, I would have started with the AED course first, but he chose the Luxe class because I have years of experience behind me. He thinks I know everything. We won't tell him I don't. :)

- In your opinion, what are the most rewarding aspects of owning/operating your own business?

Being the one in charge can be challenging. You're constantly checking numbers, adjusting plans, working long hours (nothing events people aren't familiar with), and trying to stay on top of marketing, just to name a few things. In the end, it honestly just feels amazing to be able to say "I did that!". Seeing the looks on the faces of guests that are seeing your work for the first time, how you've completely transformed a space, or how you're able to save the day by being cool-headed and prepared - it's so fulfilling.

- Tell us about the wedding planning services you currently offer clients!

This year, I'm offering Day-of Coordination, Partial Planning, and Full Planning packages, and custom quoting for those unique projects. We also offer a few decor and AV rental items, but our most unique service is my specialty - circus! We're able to really hone in on the full guest experience, from the dazzling entry to the valet exit.

- What do you love MOST about working in the wedding planning industry?

Hello! We plan parties for a living! Seriously, I just love taking a "meh" space and turning it into something unbelievable. I love helping brides that feel stuck, or event corporate clients that can't seem to figure it all out. I honestly just love being useful.

- What advice would you give to aspiring wedding planners and other IWED Global graduates alike who dream of starting their own business?

Not everything is going to flow into place when you want it to or how you want it to. Life will fight you and you have to roll with it and think of new solutions. That doesn't mean you're doing badly! Just keep focusing on what it is you want. Know you have an amazing support system at IWED and with me.

- What’s in store for Mancini & Co. the rest of this year and beyond?

We are going to be looking at more, larger events! We're building a stronger network and upgrading our inventory for rentals. Hopefully we'll assist with a wide range of event types moving forward. Look out for us on social media and we'll keep sharing our progress!

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