2018 Design Trend Forecast

2018 Design Trend Forecast

As Creative Director, I love, love, love following the design trends from around the globe! Inspired by color, light and texture I am always looking for creative new ideas that will inspire our students. Event designers, floral designers and event planners take note!

Unexpected color, texture and dimensions add an element of surprise or unexpected glamour in 2018. Luxury and elegance define the trend achieved in an effortless, yet elegant style with a trendy sophisticated feel. Watch for the trend of millennial pink designs.

COLOR. It is the most important element, that sets the overall mood of your design. The feeling of feminine yet sensual, combined with subdued colors will continue to be popular. Color trends for 2018 are ranging from organic, botanical color combinations to the other end of the vibrancy spectrum with bright, bold color combinations.

Pantone announced that purple will reign as the color of the year in 2018 – specifically, the shade Ultra Violet, which comes from the melding of blue and red.

PANTONE® has named these colors for their 2018 Spring Fashion Color Trend Report

METALLICS. Beautiful muted neutrals and mineral tones, gold, rose gold, copper, and silvers, including platinum which trend towards grey continue to be popular. Gold is finally making a comeback in design in many forms with rose gold being an event favorite. Never be afraid to mix metallics on your tabletop, including; color, shape and heights.  



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INTERIOR DESIGN. Contemporary design, rich colors, textured and geometric patterns, have a strong following in the interior design industry this year.  The always chic black and white color combinations are back. Blush tones and warm neutrals are showing to be tried and true choices for the industry as well.



FASHIONRuched details and soft iridescent sequins are showing up throughout the fashion industry. Neutral tones that mimic a second skin are alluring and inviting, while geometric and graphic patterns with bold colors are for the daring.




LINEN. Follows the trends in interior and fashion design

FLORAL. Elegant blossoms will stand out this year with orchids remaining a staple.  Garden flowers such as peonies, hydrangea, daisies, dahlias, roses and tulips are still modern classics.  Arrangements are simple in design with the focus on soft muted color schemes, using three or four interesting materials.  Centerpiece design is less structured with a soft romantic feel being a popular trend.



BOUQUETS. Round hand tied bouquets continue to be popular with a trend returning to tear-dropped shaped bouquets with a freshly picked feel.  Accessorizing florals with jewels, wire, feathers and personalized ribbons add instant glam.




Oversized bouquets are making a debut for the brides that want a bold statement. Bigger is better when it comes to these show stopping bouquets.




What’s Popular

GEOMETRICS. Geometrics are hot!  They are being used in accessories, linen, chair and centerpiece container design. These shapes are visually interesting and bring a lot of dimension to tabletop design.  Add floral inside a geometric container and leave guests talking about this unique centerpiece. Think outside the box when using these amazing shapes.




HOOPS & CIRCLES. Floral hoops have become the new rising trend not only in event décor, but in bouquet alternatives as well. They are airy, elegant and have a fresh feel about them. It creates added dimension to any setting without being bulky and overdone. Fresh greens and punches of color bring these hoops and circles to life.



NATURE INSPIRED. The greenhouse wedding trend is still going strong.  Working more plants into your events allows us to connect with nature and find balance. Naturally inspired texture and color continue to be hot in 2018.  Organic elements such as wood, driftwood, berries, branches, grasses, pods and mosses have continued interest.  Natures resources are paired with urban influences.  Wood slices continue to be popular as a centerpiece base or charger plate.  Loose organic design is popular for both centerpiece and bouquet design. 


 LIGHTING. It continues to be a popular trend with chandeliers and Edison bulbs ranking high.  Beautiful lighting adds ambience to your event from chandeliers to candlelight.



 GLASSWARE. Clear glassware that shows the mechanics of florals continue to be popular and are finished with stones, pebbles, leaves and interesting floral wire.  Metallic glassware is also popular with graduated shading adding a new level of visual interest. Mirror and light reflective materials continue to be popular adding iridescent and opalescence surfaces.




This season’s events are all about personalized details!  Invitations that reflect your theme and carry from menus and place cards to ceremony and reception décor.  Gorgeous floral centerpieces, signature cocktails, soft and subtle lighting, tailored cakes, trendy linens, napkin treatments and patterned glassware.  Lounges are all the rage and a fabulous way for guests to kick back and enjoy the evening.  Add a martini bar with signature drinks and let the fun begin!








Be inspired to create unique yet beautiful designs in 2018.

Elizabeth Johnston, Creative Director

Elizabeth Johnston
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