Floral Designs Then and Now

Floral Designs Then and Now

It is always important to highlight a topics history to understand the background. Today, IWED wants to highlight the history of floral design. The importance of this is to come to terms with how people used floral design way back when and compare it to how floral designs are used now.

Flower arrangements come in all different shape, sizes and textures. But where did the present-day floral design stem from? Let’s take a look back to the middle ages.

History of Floral Design from the Middle Ages

The middle ages can be dated back to 476 AD - 1450 AD. During this time, flower arrangements were used for medical purposes, rather than designing purposes. The people that could be seen using flowers to aid in medical happenings, were monks (Colwynn, 2018).

Designing floral arrangements back in this day was seen in the designs of wreaths and garlands. The main purpose of flowers was used to freshen the air when they weren’t being used to heal. Moving ahead in time with history, flowers in this time frame were seen as to have been in “hibernation”, waiting for the concept of floral design to explode in the next generation (Colwynn, 2018).

Floral Arrangements - History Comparison

After examining a short overview of how flowers were used in the middle ages, it is interesting to compare it to how our current generation uses flowers now. Today's generation can be seen as using flowers as a sign of love, warmth, caring or understanding. Floral arrangements today aren’t seen as a token of healing or used for medical reasons.

Today, people around the world buy floral arrangements to spruce up their surroundings or send them to people to recognize that they are thinking about them.

All in all, floral arrangements today, still have a powerful purpose behind them.

Flower Designs with IWED

IWED, for those that aren’t aware, is an institution that teaches floral and event design. Taking the floral course from IWED allows students to create all types of beautiful floral arrangements. At the end of the course, which is only five days long, students can expect to be proficient in designing centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and much more. Students have the ability to design all of these arrangements in the way they feel the best fit.

So, the question in standing - when you become an IWED student, what floral arrangements will you make to stand out to your clients?!

Floral Designing Graduates

Students that have graduated from the floral design school, have nothing but good things to say about this course. The number one thing that is important about this course is students come out with confidence to accelerate their designing businesses quickly.

Adversely, students come to IWED because they feel defeated in their current careers. Starting with any of IWED’s programs, students get the push they need to take on a career by themselves. This career allows students to schedule work days how they want, and give them tons of personal growth.

This IWED graduate is here to tell you about her experience.

We can’t wait for you to join our IWED family, flowers are awaiting your presence to be gathered into beautiful arrangements!


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