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Indulging into a new career can provide you with a sense of excitement and motivation in your life. Your current job may have you feeling tied down and stressed out with no feeling of self-achievement or self-reward.

These characteristics are good indicators that it is time for something new. IWED Global can put a spark back into your work life to create a life-long career.

Floral Design

Becoming a student in floral design classes is the best way to enter into the exciting world that the floral industry offers.

A career in floral design leads you to a work environment that is fun, creative and provides designers endless career and self-rewarding opportunities.

Create these floral designs with training from IWEDFloral Designing Jobs - Where to Start

Deciding to make this change has to be backed up with some kind of training. Your future floral clients can find trust in their floral designers knowing that their career is accredited.

Begin with taking floral classes from IWED. This 5-day course teaches students the skills needed to enter into the floral industry confidently. This course will turn any floral design job into a floral designing career.

Floral School of Design

When you have signed up for IWED’s floral design school, you can expect to learn the following,

  • How to properly execute designs and client consultations
  • Create beautiful floral centerpieces
  • Acing bouquet designs and holders
  • Design and create boutonnieres and corsages

After completing the 5-day floral design class, you will be given numerous online resources and supports to guide you in your new floral designing career.

Take a look at what Jeff learned from IWED’s Floral Designing course

Floral Designs with IWED Professionals

On the first day of classes, you can expect to come into class knowing that your leaders are proficient in this industry. All teachers are backed with real-world experience and knowledge.

During the week, students will have a tremendous amount of time to work one-on-one with these industry floral design professionals.

Designing Floral Arrangements for Clients

You have completed your floral design classes and you are now an accredited floral designer. Congratulations!

Professional floral designers are eager to help students excel

Now, you may be wondering what your new floral clients will think when they see their floral masterpieces for the first time. Yourself and the client will be confident in knowing your floral design training will lead to results that trump other floral arrangements.

Therefore, be prepared to continually have clients show overwhelming appreciation for their pieces you have created!

Also, keep in mind that some creations may not match the client’s visions. When this happens, happily sit down with your clients to re-align the visions to re-create a floral design that will go above the client's wishes.

Begin Your Floral Career

Now that you have participated, learned and excelled in floral designing classes with IWED, it is time to enter into the floral industry!

All of us from IWED are so confident in your abilities and talents for your new career. Good luck, and remember, we are always here to help you become more successful. Happy designing!!


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