5 Ways Floral Design Classes Will Advance Your Career in Flower Design

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You might have an eye for design and a vast knowledge of flowers, but there is a lot more to running a floral design business than what goes into creating impressive arrangements at home. Read on to learn more about how floral design classes can advance your career in floral and event design.

1. Deliver High-Quality Products with Professional Floral Training

There is much more to floral design than meets the eye. Professional designers have skills and knowledge which empower them to go far beyond arranging long-stemmed roses in a fluted vase. With the proper training, professional floral designers have the ability to create beautiful and resilient floral arrangements and floral design installations in event spaces that will dazzle and impress everyone who sees them. During our professional floral design classes and workshops, students learn:

  • Hardware and Materials - Become familiar with the hardware and materials (other than flowers) you will need to design and create beautifully unique arrangements, accents, centerpieces, and personal flowers.
  • Design Techniques - You will learn different techniques for arranging, wrapping, tying and taping your floral designs.
  • Color Theory - Use art-based color theory to select tints, shades, and hues of blooms that complement or contrast each other in bouquets, while also harmonizing with the overall mood, theme, and design of each event.
  • Floral Care and Preservation - Learn professional techniques to provide clients with healthy, long-lasting arrangements that will stay fresh beyond the eventing's end.
  • Packaging and Transport - Learn the proper methods and techniques for packaging and transporting floral arrangements from your design space to events to prevent floral damage, disappointed clients and wasted business resources.

Floral Design Classes

2. Achieve Unique Flower Designs with Creative Inspiration

In your floral design courses, you will encounter creative inspiration while being exposed to both traditional designs and new, contemporary applications for floral design.

You will study methods for making traditional and modern centerpieces, head-table arrangements, bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages, in addition to studying methods of floral and fabric ceiling draping to create romantic, exciting and stylish design moments in event spaces from floor to ceiling.

You will also be introduced to the seemingly endless variety of materials which can be used in your floral designs to create a signature style that will represent your design business and personal taste. You will study the multitude of floral varieties and colors, containers, bases, fabrics, ribbons, laces and other embellishments which can customize your designs to achieve rustic, whimsical, bohemian or prairie meadow vibes and even high fashion, glamour and other more contemporary styles.

3. Impress During Consultations with Accomplished Client Relations

During your floral design courses, you will also learn how to lead and conduct client consultations with grace, ease, and professionalism. An integral part of design school is ensuring, that once you have completed your education, you will know how to sell your designs, as well as create them. In addition to delivering a polished floral design, the most important step of any customer relationship is the first, the consultation.

Clients expect their floral designer to take the lead during consultations. During the consultation, it is your responsibility to gain a thorough understanding of your client's needs, the scale of those needs and their personal taste or the style of the client's upcoming event. You should arrive at this initial meeting well prepared with a list of questions and suggestions for your client, all of the materials you will need and a range of proposal and pricing options.

With professional floral design training, you will learn the ins and outs of the client consultation. You will learn to impress clients and earn their trust during an initial consultation, using expert tools such as a floral fan deck, comprehensive floral arrangement forms and professionally drawn proposals (in addition to your winning personality and carefully honed listening skills).

4. Master the Business Side of Floral Design with Industry Acumen

Although you might have decided to get into floral design for the fun and challenge of designing floral arrangements for a variety of events, you must also have a clear understanding of the business side of the industry in order to achieve the type of financial success that will allow you to continue doing what you love. Floral design classes not only introduce you to the creative and technical sides of design but also the financial aspect of owning and operating a floral design business.

While earning your certification, you will be shown the proper way to determine prices for all of your floral designs to ensure each of your pieces earns an adequate profit and profit margins. You will learn how to include the cost of your time, materials markup, commercial space, labor, packaging, and transport in the price of your products to ensure you know exactly which of your products is the most profitable and for which designs you should be charging more.

Floral Design Certification

5. Gain Client Trust with Your Floral Design Certification

Clients look for floral design experts with experience, education, and accreditation in the latest design trends and techniques. In the business of floral design, it is not only essential that you have an expert eye for color, style, arrangement and quality materials, but also that you have the experience and credentials to back up your title.

A floral design certification from a well-respected school will earn your client's trust and set both you and your designs apart from floral designers who have received no professional training.

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