Receiving the Best Bridal Reaction

Receiving the Best Bridal Reaction

As an accredited event designer from IWED, your ultimate goal is to get the best bridal and groom reaction when you show them their finished event space for the first time. But how can you achieve this?

Wedding Design and Décor

You can already be confident that you will receive a great reaction when you have backed up your career with a significant designation obtained from IWED. The event designing course gives you all the confidence you should need to be prepared to go into the world of designing.

Now, let’s get to, “wow-ing”, the bride and groom.

Elegant Bridal Designs

After an engaged couple approaches you and asks you to design their wedding day for them, there are some key elements to be aware of. All of these elements contribute to the larger scale of making sure you will receive the best reaction to your wedding décor.

Designing and Decorating

The first thing you will want to do as a designer is to execute a detailed client consultation. During this consultation, sit down with your clients and ask them everything possible related to their wedding day. Questions that can be asked are,

  • What is your ideal location for the wedding ceremony and reception?
  • What are your desired wedding colors?
  • How many guests do you intend on having?
  • How many people have you chosen to be in your bridal party?
  • What are some personal elements that you would like to incorporate into the wedding day?
  • How extravagant would you like the table centerpieces to be?
  • What is the budget you want to be respectful of, in terms of the designs?

The list is never-ending, continue to ask questions on questions until you feel you have a good enough grasp of exactly what your client is looking for.

All in all, this day is theirs, so asking many questions will be necessary.

Décor Follow Ups

As you get deep into the decorating plans, it will be essential to schedule follow-ups with your clients. This will allow both you and the client time to make sure your designing schemes are right on par!

During these scheduled follow-ups, it will be important to show the couple everything you have organized for their day. If possible, set up a mock event space with some designs that you plan to implement for the actual day of the event.

This mock set up doesn’t have to be extravagant in any means, but take the time to set up a simple backdrop, table design or ceiling draping that shows some elements wanted from the consultation. This is a great way to gain reputation from your clients, and a great way to make sure you’re on the right track!

Doing this task may seem like unnecessary work. But if you are wanting to get the best bridal reaction possible, this will be the best way to obtain it.

The Event Design Reveal

Once the client consultation and scheduled follow-ups have been achieved, it's time to set the space up! When the event day arrives, make sure to be at the event venue early. This is a great idea, as typically the decorating day has glitches somewhere along the line; whether those glitches stem from you or the glitches effect your design plans.

Decorate according to plans, and always have an open, flexible mind. Following all of these steps assures that you are going to receive the best bridal reaction, every single time. Happy designing!!

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