Event Planner Certification vs Planning Degree–Choosing the Right One

Choose a degree or an accreditation to start event planning

It’s always exciting learning something new, but these days, education costs a lot. Tuition is through the roof no matter what you plan on studying, so you need to look long and hard at your options before you choose your path. This is especially important when you’re choosing between event planner certification vs a planning degree – certification is less expensive, but a degree might get you a better job. It all depends on what you’re looking at down the road.

Event Planner Certification, or Degree?

Don’t be discouraged – you’re already about halfway there. You know that you want to work in event management; now you just have to decide whether an event planner certification or an event planning degree is best for you. At IWED Global, we can offer you an accredited event designer program that you can complete in just 24 lessons. You can do it in five days if you go with our in-class option, or you can take up to a year to complete the program if you do it online.

Much of this might depend on where you want to live. If your community has a small hospitality industry, planners might be very much sought after, mainly because people with degrees usually want to live in larger centers. On the other hand, there might be a plethora of certified people in a larger center, which would limit the job opportunities.

Costs of Planning Certification and Event Degrees

As we’ve just stated, education can be costly. An event planner certificate offered online with IWED Global can take up to a year to complete; but you can complete it sooner, at your own pace. On the other hand, a degree can take up to four years.

You want to consider how much money you’re prepared to lay down at the outset, and also whether you’re going to get a good return on your investment. Again, much of this can depend on where you live and where you plan to work.

Learning Pace of Certification and Degree

How much time are you prepared to invest? If you want to start working right away, then you might not want to spend four years pursuing a degree program.

If you’re an older person who’s considering a change in career, this might be an even more important consideration. If you’re edging up into your middle years, do you really want to take four more out of your life to pursue a degree?

Event Certification or Degree- Where Does the Success Lie?

Before you consider enrolling in any event planner certification or degree program, think very seriously about your budget, you career goals, and your overall life plan. A degree program might get you a job that will pay more money, but you’ll be out a lot of cash to start with. On the other hand, a certification can also open up the path to a very rewarding career as a wedding planner or other event planner. Think about everything that’s involved, and then make your choice. At IWED Global, we’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction.

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