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Whether you’re boosting customer relations with an unveiling, celebrating the start of a new life at a wedding, or bringing people together for charitable work, events are always something special. There’s power in bringing people together, no matter what the occasion, and good event planners know that their ability to organize, manage, and execute events is what makes memories. But why does a professional need an event planning certification? Are event planning internships worth it? What can you really learn that will boost your career?

Event Planning Certifications Prove It All

Event planners have a lot of responsibility to create the perfect moment. Not only do they have to ensure that the technical details are just right – such as the date, the location, the guest list, the vendors, and more – but they are also responsible for getting the atmosphere perfect, keeping guests engaged, and getting the response the event host is aiming for.

For the host of the event, choosing the right event planner can make or break the memories they plan to create. Choosing just anyone is a no-go, not when this person is responsible for every part of the event. Choosing someone with an event planner certification means that they can be trusted to know how to tackle every component with professionalism and creativity.

Planning Internships Help You Think Like a Pro

Have you tried to plan an event before, but just couldn’t stop something from going off the rails? Getting real-world experience under the watchful eye of a tested pro will help you start to think like a planner. You’ll learn how to get and stay organized, how to properly manage multiple timelines, and more. As an event planning intern, you’ll find valuable tools that you wouldn’t when you’re just winging it, such as an event bible.

But there’s more to event planning than just executing the plan in an organized manner. Do you know how to create a concept that is memorable, creative, unique, and on brand? These are the things you’ll learn when you receive an event planning certification at iWED Global. When a client comes to you and says “We want to get married and don’t know where to start!”, you’ll be able to help them navigate their own personal taste, even if they don’t know what that is.

Being a Certified Event Planner can Kick Start Your Career

When you have the credibility of a certification on your side, plus the know-how to back it up and create amazing events, your client list will start to explode. Event planning is a service that will never be out of style, because across all businesses and personal milestones, bringing people together will always be a must. As a professional event planner, you’ll be poised to build a career that helps businesses grow and people celebrate.

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