Becoming an Event Planner in 3 Steps

Become and event planner and start creating beautiful events for clients

Ever wondered how to become an event planner? Your first thought may be that it takes lots of on-the-job training, years of experience, or expensive conferences and programs. In fact, you can earn our event management degree certificate in just three simple steps. It’s an affordable way to become an event planner at your own pace, with education and advice from event industry professionals.

Event Planner- Becoming One, Step One

The first step in our program is what we call The Anatomy of an Event. It may sound like you’ll just be learning about different types of events and how they work, but the reality is so much more. This step involves learning what it takes to be an event planner. You’ll learn how to break into the industry after obtaining your event management degree certification, how to think like an event planner, how to create an event concept from the ground up, and how to take your creativity to the next level to really wow.

Becoming a Planner, Step Two

The second step in this journey to becoming an event planner is learning about the key part of this career: planning. In this stage of our program, you’ll dive into everything from preliminary planning and production schedules, budgets and venues, to how to launch a product, how to work with vendors, and how to use trends to your advantage. In this step, it’s all about honing the specific skills you’ll need to be an amazing event planner leading up to the big day.

Executing the Event Plan, Step Three

Finally, we come to the final step. Want to know how to become an event planner? You’ll need to learn how to execute! Event planners are also event managers, and there are millions of things that could go wrong. As a professional with an event management degree certificate, you’ll know how to think on your feet and handle any type of crisis that comes your way. You’ll also understand how important follow up is after the event is over, and how to build relationships with both clients and vendors for future events.

Concern About the Planning Process?

At IWED Global, we trust in our three-step process. It has produced hundreds of professional event planners around the world, who have in turn created thousands of amazing events bringing people’s dreams to life. Want to know more? You can sample our instructional material with our décor videos if you want to get a taste of how we do things. You’ll discover how we incorporate incredible teaching with industry advice to turn you into an event management superstar. The program is completely self-led, so you can become an event planner at your own speed.

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