Receiving the Best Bridal Reaction
Receiving the Best Bridal Reaction

As an accredited event designer from IWED, your ultimate goal is to get the best bridal and groom reaction when you show them their finished event space for the first time...

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Become and event planner and start creating beautiful events for clients
Becoming an Event Planner in 3 Steps

Ever wondered how to become an event planner? Your first thought may be that it takes lots of on-the-job training, years of experience, or expensive conferences and programs. In fact, you can earn our event management degree certificate in just Read more

Create a space like this with IWED's event planners certification
Get More Event Planning Jobs with an Event Planner Certification

Have you been struggling to break into the event planning industry? Not drumming up the event planning jobs you used to? Or are you just getting started and want to learn how to avoid a slump in the future? One of the best ways to kickstart your career is with an even...

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Event planners help their clients to be less stressed
Boost Your Career with an Event Planner Certification

Whether you’re boosting customer relations with an unveiling, celebrating the start of a new life at a wedding, or bringing people together for charitable work, events are always something special. There’s power in bringing people together, no matter what the occasion...

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Choose a degree or an accreditation to start event planning
Event Planner Certification vs Planning Degree–Choosing the Right One

It’s always exciting learning something new, but these days, education costs a lot. Tuition is through the roof no matter what you plan on studying, so you need to look long and hard at your options before you choose your path. This is especially important when you’re...

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