Yes You Can Make Time to Get Your Event Planner Certification

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Have you been considering a new career as an event planner? Certifications for this career path are one of the best ways to get started, especially if you want to start building great word of mouth right away. Event planners are more than just great organizers – the skills needed to be a great event planner include creativity, organization, time management, delegation, problem solving, and many more. But if you are working towards changing your career, you may wonder how you’d ever have time to earn your event planner certification.

Event Planner Certifications with IWED Global

IWED Global offers a unique opportunity in the event planning world. Rather than seeking an internship or on-the-job training that would require you to give up your current career, you can get your event planner certification completely online at your own pace. For our program, we combined decades of experience in both event planning and educating, and transformed all that knowledge into 15 key modules that you need to become an event planner. You can go through the modules as slowly or as quickly as you like, as it fits your schedule. Most of our students take two years to get their certification, while still maintaining their present career and life commitments.

What Event Planning Looks Like After You Obtain Your Certification

Wondering what being an event planner is like? Want to know what you can expect from an event planner salary, or what your day-to-day tasks will be? The first module in our event planner certification program explains all you need to know about this side of the industry. You’ll learn about breaking into the industry, who would make a good event planner, and get some key career advice for this industry. Because our program offers a “pay per module” fee structure, you can easily decide to move on or not based on the information you learn in this module.

Planning Skills That Leads to Creativity

The skills that you’ll begin to hone during your time in this program aren’t just for your future as an event planner. You can start putting them to work right away! In the second module, you’ll learn industry secrets for universal skills such as: how to be more organized, how to manage time effectively, and how to set up workspaces that flow. All of these skills, as well as the creativity you’ll be developing as you learn how to design events, can be used in your daily life today. The time you spend working towards an event planning career is well-spent for your current needs.

Get Certified as a Planner to Being Investing In Yourself

Whether you’re interested in earning a higher event planner salary, or you want to break into a totally new industry, this certification program is the best way that we know to get your mind and skills where they need to be to start impressing your clients. Manage your own time wisely with this self-paced event planner program.

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