Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

So, you’ve found the one’!  The person that understands you better than anyone else.  The person you knew from your very first meeting would be ‘the one’.  The person you can’t imagine not being by your side, caring for you and supporting you on your big day.

I’m talking about your Wedding Planner, of course.  But you knew that, didn’t you?

“My Wedding Planner?” you ask.  “How can I afford to hire a Wedding Planner?”  The answer is simple. You really can’t afford not to hire a Wedding Planner.

Lots of people – both brides and grooms – have clear visions of what they want their wedding day to look like.  And not unlike vacations, people want their wedding day to be perfect. No bumps along the way. No photographers that go to the wrong venue.  No caterers that can’t tell a bechamel sauce from a veloute. No decorators that can’t distinguish between ‘turquoise’ and ‘Robin’s egg blue’.

If you want your wedding day to be perfect – and who doesn’t - here are five great reasons to hire a Wedding Planner:

Reduce Your Stress

Wedding Planning is a huge job.  We all have dreams about what we want that big day to look like.  How to convert those dreams to reality can be a very daunting and exacting process.  By hiring a Wedding Planner, you can enjoy the time before your big day as well as the wedding day itself.  Imagine spending your wedding day having to worry about nothing except how beautiful you look!

 Maintain a Professional Approach

Maybe you have a cousin who has a next door neighbor who knows a guy that can DJ for your dance. Maybe.  Wedding Planners, on the other hand, have contacts in the wedding event field and can find great vendors for reasonable prices.  And they’re guaranteed - is your cousin’ next door neighbor’s guy?

Be on Solid Legal Ground

Maybe you think your next door neighbor’s wife’s cousin’s word is airtight.  Or maybe you think that by signing his crumpled piece of paper, everything will work out perfectly.  A Wedding Planner can help you avoid those pitfalls. A Wedding Planner can help you navigate the vendors’ contracts and ensure terms are delivered in full.

Save Your Relationships

Everyone has heard of ‘Bridezillas’ but there are Grooms, Mothers-of-the-Bride and Maids-of-Honor that clash during planning.  It’s understandable, of course. A wedding is a joyous occasion but often a stressful one. A Wedding Planner can act as a go-between, objective third party and bringer of fresh perspectives.

Stay On Budget

Save money by hiring someone.  It might sound counter-intuitive, but Wedding Planners can do that for you.  A professional planner will keep a Wedding Planning Checklist ensuring all the details are covered AND the budget is maintained.  She – or he – can keep a more objective eye on the finances giving the bride and groom time to think about more exciting parts of the process.

Say “I do” to hiring a Wedding Planner.

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