Top Considerations for Non-Profit Event Design

Preparing for non-profit events

Creating an event for a non-profit organization can be very tricky. You must start with knowing what it is you need from the event – quite often, fundraising, or at least priming the guests for future fundraising. But beyond that, there are many other things that non-profit event designers must do in order to present the organization in the best light. In our event design program, we discuss this unique type of event in detail; and here we present some of our top considerations for event design in the nonprofit world.

Event Design - Communicating the Purpose

Every non-profit event has a very specific purpose, far beyond entertainment – it has to in order to make spending the budget dollars worthwhile. It could be fundraising, or it could be sharing a specific message, providing access to a specific guest speaker, and more. Before you start putting together event design ideas, you need to know this purpose. It will change how you think about the space. For example, a fundraising event is often better suited to small conversational areas where non-profit members can approach donors one-on-one. But a guest speaker event needs to give everyone a good view of the stage, so your space will be laid out differently.

Tiered Event Designs - Created for VIPs

Most non-profit events are designed with an eye towards donations, so it’s very important to make former guests feel extra welcome. These are often the people who will give the most, so you’ll want to create a tier of seating or special details that can be used to set them apart. Better seating, a private VIP area, or more elegant details in the event design itself are all great ways to accomplish that. It can also inspire other guests to donate more or get more involved in order to gain access to this higher tier in the future. In our event design program, we talk about how to balance designing tiers in a unified event, so check it out!

Event Designing - Start Early so Ticket Marketing Can Be Branded

One thing that nonprofits must do in order to succeed with events is starting to spread the message early, so the branding can be carried over into the marketing. That being said, it’s important that ticket sale messages be branded to prepare the guests for what they can expect. Selling a lot of tickets is a critical step in setting up the event for success; the branded buzz, that comes from that can be a major momentum driver leading into event day.

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