The Bright Side of Pantone

Choosing colors for the event is apart of consultation!

If you're still looking for a combination of colors for your event happening this year, these are the perfect 7 shades of Pantone that will make your designs saturated in color in a whole new FLORABUNDANT way.

But to play with the Florabundant Pantone Palette you have to think outside the box; you have to take RISK - That's the rule! - Encompassing the richness and boldness of this palette, covering huge spaces with any color or a mix of few of them for most dramatic impact. This trend goes beyond just flowers or a few decor items!
Take a glance at this awesome set of vivid colors. We have put together some ideas that will make your event look unique and high fashion. Embrace the exotic essence of this powerful palette as you explore new designs concepts.

Check out this Pantone extravaganza!

1. Pink Yarrow: The perfect definition of hot pink! A super sassy color that can be well placed as the major focus, as you mix it with a complementary color such as sage green, orange or gold.

Photo Credits: Bridesmaids (via Table for 2 (via wedding Table set up ( by Milanes Photography) Cake (via Canopy (via Tersessenta - Tumblr)

2. Niagara: Funky and Bohemian. That is the definition of this Pantone pigment. This tone is ideal for weddings by the beach; its softness will be a great attribute for nature itself.

Photo Credits: Beach table (by Shefter Poling Photography) Altar and Van (by Laura Goldenberg Photography) Bridegroom (by Jeremy and Alicia Brown Photography) Cake (by Tara McMullen Photography) Shoes (by Kristin La Voie Photography)
3. Chrysanthemum: Straight FIRE! This Pantone color will give your event life, an intensity that you can combine with gold or green for a more dramatic effect.


Photo Credits: Reception (via Beach Altar (via Bridesmaids & Centerpiece (Via Shoes ( via


4. Mayfly: There’s a reason why this was chosen as the color of the year - Versatility is what represents this hue; it could be combined with ANY color in any tone. It’s just perfection!
Photo Credits: Venue (by Paula O'Hara) Bridegroom ( via Bridesmaid (by Warm Photography) Cake (by Honey Crumb Cake Studio) Couple (via
5. Baton Rouge: Strong but classy. Is not pink and is not purple; right in the middle, you can find this Florabuntant shade. Made to give more depth and seriousness to your event without losing the bohemian spirit.
Photo Credits: Headpiece (by Alan and Taylor Photography) Centerpiece (by Arrowood Photography / Michael Daigian Florist) Menu (via Chandelier (via Table (by Emily Marie Photography) Shoes (by Melissa Krusse Photography)

6. Split Pea: Warm like the sun. This Pantone goodie will make your event look extra bright! And you can mix it with another hot color for a high fashion outcome.

Photo Credits: Chair (by Lauren Balingt Photography) Bridesmaids (by Sarah Seven Photography) Cake (by Kristine Marie Photography) Shoes (by Veil and Bow Photography) Reception (via destination

7. Red Dahlia: Romanticism at it’s best. This Florabundant color is super vibrant and bold and will make your event look so dramatic, almost like if was out of Romeo and Juliet love story. There’s no better way to represent your passion than covering your wedding with this fabulous red!


Photo Credits: Table setup (via Reception (by HMR Design) Couch (by Blush & Mint photography) Champagne & Bridesmaid (by Miss Gen Photography)

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