Simple but Elegant Family Reunion Event Designs

Planning a family reunion can be stressful for anyone, but an event design professional has a much more objective look on things. Rather than trying to suit everyone’s tastes and preferences, this person is thinking about how the event will come together as a whole to create a great overall experience. With this in mind, event designers can create simple but elegant family reunions that are ideal for anyone who doesn’t want the stress of planning the gathering themselves. Here are some tips for this type of event design.

Choose the Right Venue as the Basis for the Event Design

The primary thing that a simple but elegant family reunion needs is the right venue. Because you want it to be elegant, you’ll want to stay away from things like family-style restaurants or parks. Instead, opt for hotel banquet halls, upscale restaurants with private rooms, or even a resort meeting space. If you are planning a small reunion, something like a restaurant or a smaller local venue may be the best choice.

Make the Theme of the Event Design About the Family

How often have you been to a family reunion where the theme was something fun and whimsical like a Hawaiian luau or a Super Bowl party? To make the event design elegant, get rid of the themes and stick to showcasing something interesting about the family. For example, is there a particular era when the first round of ancestors came to the country? Are there any famous people or events in the family’s past? Use these things to create a unique family-oriented theme for the event design.

Focus on the Food, Not the Swag

One common thing for any family reunion is to be given a t-shirt made hastily on a print-on-demand website by a busy family member. This year, to amp up the elegance and skip the souvenir that no one wants, focus the budget on the food instead. Nothing sets the tone for an event like food. If you walk into a restaurant and see plates of barbeque and burgers beside cups of iced tea, you get a very different vibe than if you walk into a place where you see plates of whole fish in creamy sauces, carefully iced desserts, and glasses of wine. Choose food that suits the elegant theme you want to create and let your event design be based around that. And if your group is small, you can invest in the quality rather than the quantity of food.

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