Novel Event Design Ideas for Unique Event Branding

Establishing a brand identity is important any time you communicate on behalf of your business – but at a live event, it is absolutely paramount. Nowhere should your brand be more clearly on display than in a full-sensory experience. Event design is something that every business or branding professional must take seriously, but when you start looking for ideas, you often find that you get the same old, same old. How can you step up your game with something eye-catching and unique?

Always Start with a Great First Impression in Event Design

If there’s one thing you can do better than the competition, it’s to have your event design nailed down early so that you can create a stunning first impression with your invites, advertisements, save the dates, and other announcements. These early bits of communication – even simple shout outs on social media – can help people start to understand your brand from the very start. This impression should get people curious and excited about the event and should begin sowing the seeds of instant recognition for your brand.

Give People a Way to Interact with Your Brand in Your Event Design

You can find all kinds of ideas, from branding the food to offering branded lanyards – but these ideas are only visual. The best part of an event is that it provides a way to engage all the senses, so take advantage of that when it comes to event design. For example, create or purchase props that guests can interact with – their pictures on social media will draw more attention to your brand and give them a lasting impression as well. Have a roaming brand ambassador doing fun “interviews” with guests during the socializing segments, and upload those interviews to your YouTube page. There are many great ways to turn your brand into something guests can be a part of during their time at the event.

Event Design That Doesn’t Stop - Send Your Brand Home with Guests

Another unique way to ensure that your event design really makes an impact is to have it carry over even after the event is done. One of the things that we discuss in our event design course is how to create relevant, unique take-homes that not only please your guests but actually make sense for your brand. It’s a tricky balance for many, but with the right party favors, you can really make a huge difference. Get away from the standard custom pens and think about what your brand actually offers. For example, optometrists might offer a branded case with a few basic glasses repair tools inside.

Event Design from Start to Finish

If there’s anything we focus on in our event design course, it’s how to pinpoint the actual beginning and ending of an event. Here’s a hint: Events start much sooner, and end far later than you really think! Be sure to consider every possible way you can connect with guests and your event design is sure to stand out.

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