No Time for Classes? Our Online Certification Programs Let You Learn at Your Own Pace

No Time for Classes? Our Online Certification Programs Let You Learn at Your Own Pace

If you are trying to change your career, grow your business, or just explore a new option, it can be tough to do those things around your existing schedule. Work, family, hobbies, and taking time for yourself are all important – and going to school is a big commitment. That is why we created our online certification program, to help you earn your event planner certification at a pace that works for you. Get that new career started in as little as a few months to a year, or work your way through the material slower if you prefer – it’s all up to you.

Why Go for an Event Planner Certification?

Do you need a certification to become an event planner? Technically, no. There is no regulatory body that requires someone to have education to be paid to plan events. However, there are some very big benefits to having a certification:

  • It can help you get more clients right away when you start your business.
  • It can help you get hired at an existing planning company.
  • It gives you the knowledge you need to make spectacular events come to life.
  • You’ll be able to confidently charge what your skills are worth, knowing the investment you put into them.
  • You’ll have access to a network of event planners right away.

Those are just some of the reasons this event planner certification can be of use. But why should you choose to study online?

Benefits of Our Online Certification Program

Studying online may be your only option if you have a busy schedule, or if you don’t want your boss to know that you are looking into a new career path. But just because it’s your only option doesn’t mean you aren’t getting a lot of benefits:

  • You get the same education as live courses, but for a smaller price.
  • You can work slower or faster through the material as you please.
  • You can more easily balance your family, work, and education.
  • You can study anywhere and anytime. More of a night owl or an early bird? Want to study on your daily commute or only on the weekends? The choice is yours.

When you choose our online certification program, you’ll learn things such as how to go about starting and growing your event planner business, how to design beautiful backdrops and table settings, how to plan out the event timeline and a ceremony, and so much more. You’ll even get insider training in using social media to build your reputation while you acquire  more clients.

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You can learn more about our online certification program here, where you can see the full course outline and sign up to get started.

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