Learn How to Produce Extraordinary Stage Designs for Corporate Events

When you want to go from an ordinary corporate event, to something extraordinary that your guests will be talking about for years to come, you have to pay attention to the details. Your event design must be filled with smart, creative touches that create memorable experiences. It’s no longer enough to entertain – you must immerse them in the entire theme. What is it that makes the stage come to life and impress? Here are some tips from our event design program pros:

Don’t Fight the Space with Your Event Design

Did you intend to create a large, fully-decorated stage, only to find that the event venue is much smaller with a stage surrounded by audience seats on all sides? Or did you intend to create a cozy, intimate talk, only to find that the company booked a huge amphitheater? Before you find yourself married to your event design, be sure that you consider the venue. It’s best to create your design to suit the space, rather than trying to make the space work for your design. If you wanted something more grand in a small space, consider extending your décor beyond the stage area. In many event venues, going wide rather than going up will help the audience feel more immersed in the event, rather than like spectators.

Don’t Skimp on the Lighting for Your Event Design

When you’re asking people to sit still and focus on a presenter on a stage for any period of time, the only way to engage them is to make the view dynamic. One of the best ways to do that is to invest in great lighting. Event design can set the mood, increase the room’s energy, draw in the crowd, and engage with the right lighting. For those renting a venue where you can’t install lighting fixtures, use lightweight LED fixtures that can be easily rigged to certain points around the space. That will help you get more impact in your space without the overhead truss lights.

Use Technology to Your Advantage in Event Design

The stage is the perfect place to bring technology into your event design. You should consider how you can use projections, backdrops, LED walls, digital banners or widescreens, and other technology to make your stage appear more dynamic. The more movement and visual interest you can include on a large stage, the more you’ll capture the attention and the memory of the audience. If you want to learn how to use technology in stage design, or you’re interested in learning how to start from scratch with a corporate event design and build an amazing event, check out our event design program. You can build your skills in this exciting field online at your own pace, and get all the industry insider knowledge that turns a ho-hum event into a spectacular show.

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