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If you’ve ever considered a career change, you’ve likely realized that one big hurdle you have to cross is the lack of time. After all, you have to continue to work in your current career while you build new skills and network your way into a brand new industry. That can be tough on anyone, but what if you need to start from scratch?

If you have ever wondered how to become an event planner, but don’t know where to start, you’re in luck! Our event planning degree program offers you a totally self-paced way to build all the skills you need to break into an entirely new path. Here’s how it works:

Event Planner - Become One, Anytime, Anywhere

We are industry professionals with decades of experience and a passion for teaching. IWED Global’s program was designed to offer an event planning degree that is accessible, affordable, and available on your schedule. This completely online program is interactive and filled with live support – but with 24/7 access you can easily do the work on your schedule.

The program is split into three modules, and you can pay as you go to fit your budget and time. Start by learning what you need to know about the industry, and then move on to honing the specific skills you need to design, plan, and execute events.

Event Planning Degree from IWED Global

When you are discovering how to become an event planner, one of the first things you will realize is that a day on the job could never prepare you for all the possibilities you’ll face. Every event is a brand new experience, and what you need more than anything is an event planning degree that prepares you to think on your feet.

At IWED, we understand the challenge of preparing you for the unknown, and that is why our certificate is nationally and internationally recognized in the industry as a credible degree. With the IWED seal, you’ll be able to break into the industry immediately and get started building an amazing portfolio right away.

Event Degrees - One Step at a Time

As you progress through the program modules, you can pay as you go to manage your budget and time efficiently. The program keeps you in touch with a live instructor, a private Facebook group, and technical help from our staff at all times.

While working through the educational material, we’ll be here to help you start building the skills you need. Ready to enroll? The program starts whenever you’re ready. You can start right here with IWED Global’s straightforward enrollment process, where you’ll quickly learn how to become an event planner in the way that suits your schedule best.

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