Learn from the Experts with Our Accredited Event Planning Certification Program

Learn from the Experts with Our Accredited Event Planning Certification Program

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes some people more successful than others in a field? Most often, it’s experience – but not everyone has had enough time to build that experience yet. Turning to those who do have the experience can help anyone boost their career in event planning – and a certification can help even more. Our event planning program offers you both. You get advice from industry professionals with decades of experience in events, as well as a certification from an accredited program. We have both in-person and online courses. Here’s what you can expect to learn.

IWED Global’s Online Event Planning Program

Need to get that event planning certification on your own time, while still working every day? The online event planning program at IWED Global is perfect. With this self-paced course, you’ll still get all the same expert knowledge, help when you need it, and industry tips and tricks that other students get.

You’ll learn things such as how to design backdrops and ceiling design, how to schedule ceremony timelines, how to run your own event planning business, how to create beautiful table centerpieces, how to market yourself online, and so much more. You can check out the online event planning program here.

Event Design Master Program at IWED Global

If you are interested in hands-on training in person, and want to combine everything from the event planning program with the IWED Global wedding planner certification program, as well, try the event design master program. In this program, you’ll dive deep into the modern world of event planning, learning things like event design software, how to build your portfolio, how to spot event design trends, and much more.

This is the program for those that want to do more than just design events – this is for business owners who truly want to become leading forces in the industry. If that sounds like you, the event planning certification you’ll earn from this program comes with all the knowledge you need to become a success.

Industry Professionals Helping Every Step of the Way

Whether you choose to earn your event planning certification online, or through one of our live courses, you’ll have the instruction of our team of experts. Decades of experience in this industry have taught us how to maintain successful reputations throughout our careers – and we can do the same for you. Our team offers you the insider knowledge you need to leave the course and start booking clients the very next day. By the time you have your event planning certification, you’ll be confident in booking clients for events right out of the gate. That confidence in your own skills will help you create the best event planning business you can.

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