Inspiring 100th Birthday Event Designs

Are you throwing a 100th birthday party? This is a huge milestone that should be celebrated in the best way possible. There are some constraints that an event design professional may have to work around with a birthday of this magnitude – for example, it may have to be thrown in a nursing facility or another healthcare facility. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still deliver a stunning event that will please the entire crowd. Here are a few tips from our event planning program instructors.

Make Everything in the Event Design About the Guest of Honor

By the time you’ve made it to 100, there’s no denying that you’ve had a long and eventful life. This, more than any other birthday, should be an event all about the guest of honor. So, decorate in the style that they love most, play music from their favorite decade, or create a theme based on their favorite place. Be sure that every detail reflects something special about that person’s tastes and the long life they’ve lived.

Play Up the Number 100 in the Event Design

There’s no denying that 100 is a grand number, so go with it and create some grand décor using that number. We don’t mean putting up a big “100” balloon, but rather, create a stunning floral centerpiece with 100 flowers, or fill the room with 100 candles, or whatever works with your event design.

Keep Any Limitations in Mind

More than any other event, you’ll need to keep in mind the comfort and ability of the guests. In addition to the guest of honor, there are likely to be other elderly guests. Keep the menu easy to eat for those with dentures, and make sure the lighting is adequate for those with poor eyesight. Dietary needs and other conditions may also need to be considered – for example, don’t plan on having a disco ball for a 70’s-themed party if any of the guests suffer from seizures. Keep the party at an earlier time and make sure the important “events” – like the cake cutting, the singing, and so on, are all done at the start, so the guests can leave early if need be.

Work a Children’s Area into Your Event Design

One thing you can do for an event that is sure to be filled with adults reminiscing about the old days is to create a small area where the kids can stay entertained. Get some coloring books or simple crafts like clay to keep them occupied, and considering hiring child care, as well.

If you want to learn more about decorating beautiful events, or how to keep the practicalities of event design in mind, check out our online event planning program.

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