Incorporate Texture into Your Next Event Design

Incorporate Texture into Your Next Event Design

One of the hottest trends in event design right now is texture. Things like color, angles, shapes, and materials can all tell a story to the eyes – but texture tells a story to the other senses. When guests can feel the message, not just see it, they understand an event in a whole new way. Here are some tips from our event planning program instructors on how to incorporate texture into your event design.

Rough Textures Make a Rustic Event Design Stand Out

Planning a barn wedding, or a “DIY chic” event for a craft company? What about a “natural beauty” event for a vegan skin care brand? Rough textures communicate things like natural beauty, organic design, rustic chic, and quaintness. It’s ideal for making an event seem more intimate and down to earth, and perfect for an event that needs some country charm. But rough doesn’t mean scratchy or plain. Lace can be rough, for instance, but still utterly elegant.

Smooth Textures Make Tech Event Design Shine

If you are throwing an event for a tech company, medical company, or anything that leans towards “futuristic” style, smooth textures are the way to go. Because smooth isn’t a natural texture found in the wild world, it makes people think of “perfected” items. If perfection is a key word for the brand you represent, smooth is the perfect texture. But smooth also doesn’t have to mean “cold.” Velvet could be considered smooth, for example.

Soft Textures Say So Many Things

In event design, there are some textures that just do it all. Soft textures can make a place feel cozy and homey, or it can make a backdrop look ethereal and whimsical. They often make people think of youth, so consider skipping this one for a very mature audience, like a business meeting for top executives. Instead, lean on soft textures for event design such as a wedding, a birthday party, or an art gallery opening.

Hard Textures Evoke a Sense of Expertise

Do you need to make your client seem like the leading expert in their field? For business speeches, product launches and similar events, create design that relies on hard textures. The solidity of hard items makes people think of trustworthiness, confidence, and safety. It also has a very grand look – think marble temples or stone caverns.

Our Event Planning Program Dives Deeper

Our event planning program dives into how to use texture to make your event design shine. If you want to learn more about how this detail could be the perfect way to create stand-out designs for your clients, check out our online program. Learn from the industry pros how to use color, texture, materials and more to create stunning events.

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