How to Incorporate Fruits to Your Event

Fruit Filled Events

As summer time approaches, the temperature gets hotter, and colors get brighter. It's time to think about how to make your event look fresh without losing its elegant look.

"Incorporating fruits into your décor is a fantastic, cost-effective way to give a refreshing twist to your event."

Ideas are limitless. You can select one type of fruit and create the entire event around it; use the same fruit color palette for your decor, prepare custom beverages, add it to your tabletop design or pass around fruit inspired appetizers. Never be afraid to mix different types of fruit for a more dramatic look. Just have fun with it!!!

Here are some fruitilicious inspirations:

Tutti Frutti Cake. Make your cake out of a solid piece of fruit or with a combination of a few of them. Think-outside-the-cake!

Fresh Fruit Favors. There's no better gift than something you can eat!

Fruit Market. You can replace the dessert bar by a fresh/organic fruit market.

Fruity Fruit Decor. The perfect theme for summer season!

Full of Fruits. Take an empty base and fill it out with freshness. You can place these cute pieces randomly throughout your event to reassure your fruit themed occasion.

Infused Indulge & Frutiliciuos Bites. Delight your guests with some exquisite bites made out of fruit and some cool refreshing drinks as a treat.

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