How to Decide the Right Size Table for Your Event

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Choosing the right size table for your event is more complicated than you may think. The size of your table is important for several reasons including:
  • Venue space
  • Guests in attendance
  • Theme correlation
  • Visual appeal

Venue Space

Your venue’s available space is critical when choosing the right size table for your event. Luckily, at IWED Global, we teach event management courses that prepare you for this exact moment! Deciding the right size table is essential for your event design to appear cohesive. Take measurements, have mock designs drawn up and know your venue space before choose tables.

Guests in Attendance

This is a very important factor, as well. Knowing how many guests you will have in attendance (also factoring extra seats) is essential when choosing a table size. You want to be sure your table is big enough for your guests and comfortable for their seating arrangements. Do a headcount, and check it twice! Choose tables based on the size of your guest list with comfort in mind.

Theme Correlation

The last thing you want is for your table to clash with your theme/design due to its size. Choose a table size that reflects your overall design and theme efforts. A table is where your guests will be spending a decent amount of time at your event! If you plan to have dancing, choose tables that are smaller in size or can be rolled away if necessary. Make room; it’s time to bust a move!

Visual Appeal

Last but certainly not least, visually appealing tables! Choose a table size and design that will be visually stunning and complement your overall design. Choose a table that is not too big or small that will elaborate on your event design. Our event management courses are designed to teach you the tools you will need to handle these situations as an event designer. Learn more about our accredited event and wedding design program!

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