How to Create Stunning Product Launchs

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One area of event designing that challenges even the best designers with a professional event management degree, is said to be product launching.

Product launching is an event with a unique blend of entertainment, advertising, and celebrating – and many event designers struggle when it comes to creating a balance between all three. Here are some tips from our event management degree program on how to launch a product with a stunning design.

The Event Designing Narrative Guide

When it comes to marketing, you have to tell your audience a story to reel them in. Creating a stunning event for product launches is no different.

In order to create the best event design for this type of launch, you need to know what your narrative is. This means asking why the event is necessary (are you introducing the product or just a new feature), who the audience is, how you want them to feel, and what the single most important takeaway is from this event.

Take all of those answers and turn them into design points. For example, if you want your guests to feel positive and energetic about using your new product, then the event design should be upbeat and youthful.

Think of Event Designs in Opposites

Here’s an industry trick that you may never have heard before: Instead of asking yourself what the event should look like, ask yourself what it shouldn’t look like.

For example, you may know right away that the launch of a hand-crafted artisanal product should not be presented in an ultra-sleek, modern venue. It wouldn’t really highlight the unique intimacy of the handmade item. This gets you one step closer to understanding what you do want from your event.

This is a great tip from our event management degree program, and we’ve got plenty more like it!

Creating an Event Through Design

Just as the business itself has a brand image, the event should be branded as well. Consider this like creating a micro-brand: short-lived for the duration of the event, but just as powerful as any other brand. Give your “brand” or event a short slogan that can become a hashtag on social media. Carry the event design throughout every place, both virtual and not, that the event is mentioned.

IWED Event Management

There are many important aspects of launching a product that we focus on in our event management degree program. With an event management credential from IWED Global, you can become an expert and be the one people depend on for innovative product launch events. If you are interested in learning more, contact us at IWED Global today to get started.

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