How to Correctly Drape a Column

Draping with IWED

When it comes to event design and management, we consider ourselves to be the pros. At IWED Global, we specialize in wedding and event design. We have designed a curriculum based on our expertise and knowledge of the industry. Our event management certificate can be obtained either online or in-person at one of our multiple workshops around the country.

Today, we will talk about draping; a subject that is covered in our curriculum. In our event management certificate program, you learn the essentials that go into successfully designing and managing an event. Draping, an event design core principle, is essential for successful designing a wedding or event. Let’s talk about how you can correctly drape a column for your event:

After you have determined a fabric to use for draping, master the art of wrapping! We can’t stress this enough. For a clean drape, you must wrap the fabric around the column to ensure its presentation. Drape your fabric around the column (hiding the excess fabric from guest view) to create a subtle, romantic draping effect.

Next, you will need to ensure the security of your draping design. We suggest using a column ring to secure the fabric at the top of your column to create a soft draping effect. As your fabric falls to the ground, your column will successfully be draped and ready for your guests to arrive!

Note: Securing your fabric is essential for draping. Be sure to secure any loose ends at the top and/or bottom of your column to ensure its security.

At IWED Global, column draping is only one of the many things you will learn through our accredited program. If you are interested or passionate about the realm of wedding and event design, please visit our website to learn more. Our brochures are located online and will tell you everything you need to know about our program. Start your career in wedding and event design, today!

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