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Do you love planning parties and other events? Are you currently working in the field, or have you ever thought that you might want to make it your career? IWED Global has been in the field of event management education for many years, and we’d love to help you succeed in this exciting career.

Obtaining an Event Job Without Taking a Course?

Well, yes, you can.  There’s no law that says you have to take a course in event planning to get jobs in the field. That said, though, some sort of event planner certification will almost certainly help you to find better event planning jobs. So even if you’re already working as a wedding planner, or in some other type of event management, accreditation can be a big help.

Think of it this way – when you want to have your car fixed, you could go to the guy across the street who’s been working on cars all his life, and can probably help you. But he’s not a certified mechanic. You know him, and you know he does good work, but what about everyone else out there? All they know is that he’s not accredited, and all other things being equal, they’d probably prefer to go to someone who is.

Planning an Event When Accredited

It’s the same with event planning. Certainly, jobs are available, but the reality is that you’re more likely to find work if you’re accredited. That might not be right, and it might not be fair – you could be the best event planner in the world with no accreditation at all, but the simple fact is that people will take you more seriously if you are event planner certified.

With IWED Global, you can become a certified event planner in just a year, and you can do it all online. The curriculum consists of five units that will teach you the techniques you need to know. If you prefer, you can also do it in-class and be ready to begin your career in a wedding or other event planning in just five days.

The Event Plan Program

Each of IWED’s five program units focuses on a certain area. You’ll learn about hardware and backdrops, ceiling draping, table draping, how to create table décor and structure a ceremony, and you’ll also learn about how to market your business.

Throughout the course, you’ll be mentored by experienced event planners and you’ll have all the support you need.

Successful Event with IWED Global

If you feel as though your career in event planning has come to a standstill, or if you’re just considering a career in event planning, IWED Global can help you to get on the right track. There are many, many event planning jobs, and all sorts of opportunities, so don’t just sit on the sidelines and wait for your dream to come true. Enroll today!

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