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One of the biggest questions we hear is “what is the difference between an event planner and an event designer?” Many people confuse event planning with event design. Event design can mean many things. Event planning entails various aspects of an event. What is the difference?

Event Planner

Event planning sounds glamorous, doesn’t it? Attending fun, themed events ranging from weddings to corporate banquets. The planning process seems exciting and thrilling for somebody new to the business. Event planning is a fast-paced, high energy occupation that appeals to many. This industry has grown exponentially in the past decade. What does an event planner do and how does that differ from an event designer? Event planning differs from event design due to its extensive responsibility. Event planning requires the planning of a date, location, guest list, vendor connections and more.

Event Designer

At IWED Global, we know event design. As an instructional institute, we teach the fundamentals of event design to all of our students. Event design encompasses the more creative side of event management. While a planner focuses on organization, we focus on the decor of the event. From draping to lighting, furniture, and centerpieces, it is our job to ensure your event is truly stunning. As an event designer, it is your job to create an atmosphere through your design that will wow your guests.

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