Event Design Elements for a Show Stopping Success

Design events that connect to your clients

Designing a show-stopping event is about more than just picking out a cool theme and getting the décor to match. These days, events are ways to communicate a message, and that means that event designers have to be storytellers. Everything that is put into a space as part of the event design must tell part of the story, to get the message across. But what elements are essential for telling that story? Here are three essentials that every event designer needs to create a real experience.

Event Designs Need a Focal Point

At every event, there must be a focus that immediately communicates the message of the event. This doesn’t need to be a huge billboard with the message printed out, but it does need to be something that sets the tone for the entire event. This should get attention the moment guests walk in through the door, and it should keep the mood just right throughout the event. A good example is an altar at a wedding: by making this the focal point with a beautiful archway or another décor piece, you effectively communicate that the day is all about the joining of the two people who will be standing in this spot.

Designs that Incorporate a Strong Use of Tech

From lighting to interactive social media applications, tech should always be a part of any event these days. In order to make an event come to life, an event designer needs to understand the tools they have available to them, and how to best use those tools. Lighting is the most common example of why this is so important. The right lighting creates the right mood but also serves a very functional purpose. Other examples would be things such as photo booths at weddings, or video projections at corporate events. Understanding how to seamlessly incorporate these technologies can help present your message in an easy way.

Events that Create an Emotional Appeal

It used to be that event design was solely focused on how certain aspects looked, or whether or not a space “worked” logistically. But these days, event hosts want to connect with their guests on an emotional level. This helps drive home their message and really creates something memorable. There are many ways that design can connect with guests on an emotional level, from the use of proper lighting to being clever and unique with themed décor. Choose an emotion that you want to evoke – whether it’s surprise, delight, comfort, etc. – and consider how every element of the design is adding to that emotion.

Event Designing - Putting It All Together

As an event designer, your job is to help the host communicate their message in the most effective way possible. By telling their story through your design, you can create a show-stopping event that works for everyone involved. Your focal point helps to immediately set the stage for what is to come; your use of technology gets the story front and center right away, and the emotional connection you’re able to create with guests means that they’ll always remember this event as a positive experience.

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