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If you’ve been putting off attending event design courses in person because you’re not sure they’re worth it, you might be surprised to find that doing so can be important to your career.

Yes, you can learn to become an event planner! Most people who run successful event design businesses got their start by attending courses like these; either before they got started, or before they decided to strike out on their own.

Saying you don't have the time or don’t feel you will gain anything from them is no excuse. If you want to be successful in your career as an event designer, you need all the hands-on training you can get. 

Why Event Design Courses are Better?

Learning in a live setting offers so many advantages; some of them will only become apparent during class time. Think of all the different aspects of your career as an event designer. How many of them do you think you have truly mastered? How many more of them do you think you could learn if you had the benefit of being trained by a seasoned professional with many years of experience under their belt?

If you want to succeed, you first have to be ready to admit you will never be able to say you don't need further training and education. Doing this is the first step towards failure. At iWed Global we offer in-person event design courses staffed by a team of the best trainers in the business.

While you can take our classes online, we truly believe attending our in-person classes is a valuable option as long as you can fit them into your busy schedule. While you are in class, you will receive hands-on training by the pros. Any questions you have can be answered immediately and you have access to a wealth of training materials.

Expert Event Designers Work Directly With You

While you are attending our in-class event design courses, you will receive direct one-on-one assistance from our team of professionals. You will train with experts in every aspect of event design, including all forms of draping. They can help ensure that once you have completed the full course and become IWED Global and AED certified, you are ready to take your career as an event designer to a new level.

The program lasts only five days, but each day is used to cover multiple training units with our own unique brand of hands-on training. You will receive your own personal student training kit and be taught by leading professionals in the industry whose only goal is to help you succeed. Our event designer course is accredited by the Special Events Certification Council. If you are ready to begin your journey as an accredited and certified event design expert, why not enroll in a class near you today?

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