Boost Your Income Today by Becoming a Certified Event Planner

Boost Your Income Today by Becoming a Certified Event Planner

There are many ways to earn more income today. You can take a second job, work towards a promotion, start a business, or sell your things. Another effective way to earn more, though, is to get additional education or certifications. Whether you are already in the event planning business, or you want to be, getting an event planner certification is one way to start earning more right away. You can boost your income when you can market yourself as a certified event planner. Here’s how this step can help.

Start By Building Your Skills with Our Event Planner Certification Course

In order to boost your income, you need to build your skillset. In the world of event planning, the best way to stand out (and therefore, earn more), is to create events that wow. Learning how to do that – from the very technical details of choosing the right hardware for backdrops, all the way up to the big things, like how to use current design trends – can all be learned in our online certified event planner course.

Wow Your First Clients Right Away to Build Your Reputation

The next thing you need to do to earn more income is to create a portfolio of very happy clients. If you are a first time event planner, we’ll prepare you to do this right out of the gate. The event planner certification course includes a module on running your business, including how to handle contracts, work with vendors, and all the ins and outs that don’t involve design. You’ll be a seasoned professional that doesn’t make beginner mistakes – before you even get started.

Keep Building Your Brand as You Grow

Another thing we teach in our certified event planner course is how to market yourself. You may want to get a job with an event planning company, or you may want to go it alone – either way, you need to sell yourself to whoever will be writing your check. We talk about how to use social media, networking, and other tools to get your name out there.

Do This On Your Own Time!

The best part is that you can be working on boosting your income without hurting your current income. Our online course is totally self-paced, so you can study whenever it works for you. Learn an entirely new career, or build on the one you already have. We also offer courses in person if you prefer the hands-on approach, and you can also keep an eye out for our upcoming online floral design course as well. You can slowly earn more certifications to become a skilled event planner from every angle – and truly market yourself as a one-stop service for all events in your area. Learn more on our website.

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