Adding Texture to Make Your Event Design Pop

Different aspects of texture create great designs!

There are many different elements to a stunning design for any event, but one way to really immerse your guests is to consider the senses that go unnoticed. You’ve got visual interest with your colors, patterns, or themes. You’ve often got a lovely scent in the air from food or flowers. And the speaker or music takes care of the audible sensory experience. But what about touch?

The texture is an important part of event design because it adds that final necessary ingredient to create a feeling. This is one of the things that we focus on in our event design course, but here are a few things to consider when you need that special pop for your event.

Event Design Texture - Smooth vs. Rough

As with every part of event design, what you are trying to do with texture is make a person feel a certain way. There are many psychological associations that go along with texture, and one of the easiest examples is in smooth vs. rough textures.

  • Smooth textures feel artificial and modern because there are very few things in the natural world that are actually “smooth”. It puts us in mind of futuristic technology, advancement, and master-crafted items. Think high-class instruments and science fiction, and you’ll be right on track with how smooth textures make your guests feel.
  • Rough textures don’t necessarily carry negative associations. They often signal natural beauty, rustic chicness, quaintness, and hand-crafted items. It’s the opposite of modern and chic, which often makes it feel homey and intimate. Think about the popularity of barn weddings to understand how rough textures can work very well in event design.

Other Event Designing Textures - Hard vs. Soft

Two other textures that we discuss in our event design course are hard and soft.

  • Hard textures put people in mind of something solid and stable, something that will last forever. Think marble, hardwood, and metal. They often bring about feelings of grandness and safety. Hard textures are often better suited to events where you want to evoke confidence in your expertise.
  • Soft textures put us in mind of comfort and coziness. They signal nurturing and youthfulness. Consider the way feathers on a bridal gown will make a wedding feel more whimsical and dream-like. Soft textures are often a great choice for more fantastic themes where you want your guests to escape reality.

Designing With Texture

Because every item you use in your design will automatically have a texture, this is not a feature you can simply ignore. Take a moment to consider how every element is making the event feel, and you may find that you need to make a few adjustments to create the right atmosphere. While these four textures are not the only textures that exist, you’ll learn in our event design course that most other textures can be classified in this way. Find out more today!

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