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Many people these days are fed up with the rat race of the corporate world. Too many meetings, too much red tape, and slow-moving decision makers often contribute to this dissatisfaction, along with many other facets of corporate USA. For some, a job in the business world just doesn’t fit. They can’t see themselves sitting behind a desk all day. They need to be out in the world, meeting people and getting things done. If this is you, starting your own small business might be the way to go. Event planning is one of the fastest growing small business markets and could be the answer for you.

Event Planning Statistics

With the average event planner salary in the $50,000+ per year range according to the website salary.com, this industry is very appealing to a growing number of people. And with the right credentials and the right customers, event planner salaries can go much higher. Average yearly growth in this industry is expected to be about 10% over the next several years, making this a solid but competitive market for the foreseeable future.

Event Certification is Key

With so many people entering the field each year, how do you set yourself apart? Earning an event planner certification is the key. Many companies offer online event planner programs. Getting certified online is a great way to go, especially if you’re still working at that corporate job, or have limited time for face-to-face classes and a rigid schedule.

Here’s an example of what you get with an online event planner certification program. This particular program is offered by IWED Global. Their Accredited Event Designer program gives you the credentials you need to build credibility with your customers, and the hands-on experience you need to be confident in your own skills as an event planner.

Curriculum: IWED Global’s coursework is split into 24 lessons. These lessons are divided into 5 separate categories such as backdrops, draping and table decor, ceremony structure and more. You’ll learn all aspects of event planning and design as you work through these classes.

Hands-On Experience: Even though you’re learning online with IWED Global, you’ll still have a hands-on component to the coursework. This allows you to practice the skills and techniques as you’re learning them.

Additional Support: IWED Global’s online instruction offers personal mentoring support by an industry professional throughout the course of the program. So even though you’re not in a classroom setting, you won’t be alone as you work through the program.

Convenience and Flexibility: IWED Global’s online event planner certification programs offer 24/7 convenience. Classes are available when you have time to take them. This allows you to take the coursework when you have time to really focus on what you’re learning. You’re in control of how long it takes to complete the entire course, though IWED Global’s program limits you to one year.

Get Certified Today

Of course, a program like this takes lots of work on your part. You’ll need to be self-directed, organized and motivated. But if you’re that kind of person, and you truly want change in your life, then enrolling today in an online event planner certification program from IWED Global is the thing to do. You’ll be throwing parties in no time!

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