5 Tips for Exceptional Corporate Gala Event Designs

If you’ve been tasked with planning a gala event for a corporate client, you know that big things are expected. The word gala brings to mind festivity, lavish event design, and big success for corporate fundraising. But you don’t have to overwhelm yourself with complicated design to get the job done well. Here are five tips for amazing gala design that any event planner can pull off:

Organize a Gala Planning Committee

In order to ensure that every detail gets attention, it’s best to gather a team of helpers right from the start. Planning a large gala for a corporate event usually takes many months, if not a year, and that means that you’ll have tons of time for things to go wrong if you’re trying to keep up with it all yourself.

Create a Moment-by-Moment Schedule

One thing that many miss in their event design is the event’s schedule. Don’t just have a vague idea of when the speaker will go on, when the auction will happen, and so on. Create a minute-by-minute schedule so that you and your event design team always know exactly what should be happening to keep the event on track.

Set a Goal for the Event

It’s not enough for a gala event to look nice and host a lot of guests. Because you are working for a corporate client, there will be some sort of goal that they want to accomplish for the event. Do they want to raise a specific amount of money? Convert a specific number of guests into customers? Honor a specific person within the company? Always be sure that the event’s goal is reflected in the design, and that it’s something you can measure for success.

Consider All the Promo Angles

There are many ways to promote a corporate event and you should keep them all in mind. From custom hashtags on social media to inviting industry influencers for more coverage, don’t neglect either digital or offline methods of promotion. Be sure to send out actual invitations or flyers in addition to posting digital information about an event during the weeks leading up to the gala.

Don’t Forget Entertainment

Whether there will be a speaker, an auction, or some other corporate-led presentation, don’t forget to consider the entertainment in your event design. A DJ can be hired to play anything from classical or jazz that suits a black tie event, to modern music for a more casual affair. You can also have live music, or more unique entertainment that suits the event, like jugglers or other performers. Just be sure to give the guests a reason to enjoy themselves beyond the food and corporate message.

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