4 Ways to Involve Technology in Event Design

Despite the fact that technology has been transforming nearly every other area of business, event design is only just catching up to the many ways that the future is changing the industry. Designers are faced with hundreds of options for using technology to create fantastic events. IWED Global focuses on this and many more topics in our event design program, which offers multiple modules and event design business management coursework to help you succeed at establishing and growing your business. Here are a few innovative ways to involve technology in your event design.

Ditch Paper Programs or Handouts for Mobile Event Design

These days, everyone is using their smartphones or tablets as much as they can to reduce the amount of stuff they have to carry. From checking email to sharing files, you can bet your guests will be using their device at some point during your event. Design your program or other printed materials so that you can instead just share a PDF that can be easily downloaded on their device. You could even have your entire event presented via a custom app!

Use Videoconferencing to Expand Your Event Design

You no longer have to settle if the speaker you invited suddenly can’t make it to the venue. You can instead set up a video conference for the entire event and let the speaker drive home their message via the screen. You can take this idea a step further and allow guests who weren’t able to attend the physical event to attend virtually.

Create a Hashtag and Encourage Sharing During the Event

Do away with old-fashioned “no cell phones” rules, and encourage your guests to share their thoughts during breaks on social media. Create a hashtag when you are planning the event design, and let your guests know about it so they can connect online. This is a great way to help your guests network and draw attention to your event – a win for everyone. Hashtags can be used on almost all social media now, but are particularly handy on Twitter and Instagram, two of the most populated platforms in existence.

Keep the Planning Stage Smooth with Connectivity Apps

Good event design starts the moment the event is ever imagined, so technology can actually come in handy way before you ever have guests at a venue. Consider how easy it is now to connect with all your speakers and staff at once via a chat app like Google Hangout, or on a team sharing app like Slack. This is a great way to ensure that the event happens very smoothly, because you’ve had plenty of collaborative discussion before the event, and everyone is on the same page.

Try out these pro tips at your next event to find out just how simple it is to embrace the future of event design.

These four methods for using technology to amp up your event design are just part of what you can learn in IWED Global’s event design program. While some people decide to go on a bit different career path and choose to pursue an event management degree at a traditional university, IWED Global’s hands-on event design program can fit your schedule; select either in-class or online learning. See the course outline here.

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