4 Unforgettable Low-Tech Event Designs

One thing we talk about quite often in our event design program is how to use technology to make your event design more immersive and experiential for guests of all sorts. Technology can be a great tool for making an event reach further, mean something deeper, and evoke more feeling from your guests. But it’s not always the right choice for every event. Consider a professional development conference where the goal of the event design is to get collaborative participation from the crowd. Sure, you could have a hashtag for social media – but that still keeps guests insulated in their own social media bubbles. Here are a few unforgettable ways to go low-tech with your event design.

Incorporate Small Group Discussion Sessions

Instead of having your guests sit and listen to a speaker for hours, and then encourage them to parrot the information back to their online followers, design your event so that there are small group discussions after a shorter presentation. This encourages your guests to really build a working knowledge of the topic of the event, ask questions, and start using products or ideas for themselves before the event is even over.

Create a Game Aspect for Your Event Design

One way that humans learn concepts is through kinetic connection with an idea – meaning if you can get your whole body involved with the learning process, you stand a better chance of retaining the understanding long-term. Instead of offering high tech demonstrations of a new product, why not include a game aspect in your event design that encourages guests to be a part of the presentation? For example – instead of having the audience answer prompts with an app - an increasingly popular way of getting valuable feedback during an event - divide the audience into teams and have them answer trivia-night style.

Use an MC in Your Event Design

One thing we teach in our event design program is how to keep your guests moving through the program of an event. Using an app or an emailed program is very common, but it can also mean a lot of time spent being distracted by a mobile device. Instead, go low-tech with an MC or event host, who acts like a presenter between lectures or segments of the evening. They’ll keep the guests aware of what is happening and keep their attention on the proceedings.

Reward Good Ideas with Tangible “Currency”

Here’s another way to get your guests participating during an event. Design a system so that your attendees are given a fake or low-cost “currency” in exchange for their good ideas during the event. For a Q&A round, for example, great questions can be rewarded with candy, low-value gift cards, and brand swag. This brings out the competitive nature in your guests, all without using a bit of tech.

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