4 Steps to an Amazing Warehouse Corporate Event Design

Corporate event design is one of the most creative fields in the world of event planning right now. Every business wants to stand out, and most are branching out into all kinds of new venues, styles, and themes that can be a lot of fun to work with. One of the latest trends for corporate events is to invite guests to a funky warehouse setting that makes them feel like they are going behind the scenes.

As the event planner, you need to make sure that you still deliver amazing event design, even when the event is in a utilitarian warehouse. Here are four steps to take before the event gets started.

Consider Noise in Your Event Design

Noise is one of the biggest factors in designing a warehouse event. You want to make sure that your warehouse event isn’t being overwhelmed by the sounds of any machinery, of course, but also consider the fact that warehouses are very echo-prone, so any music you play, or even the sound of talking during the event, is likely to be very loud. Consider what you can do to make the area a little quieter by the time the event gets started, such as turning on ventilation fans before to get the air moving, and then turning them off when the event starts.

Make Sure the Temperature is Comfortable

Speaking of ventilation, the next thing you’ll want to consider in a warehouse event design is the temperature. Warehouses have a tendency to be badly insulated, which means they will either be very cold, or very hot. They are also often very humid with all the machinery going inside. Be sure to discuss with the venue owners how you can tackle the temperature to make it more comfortable for the event.

Get a Cleaning Crew in First Thing

The next step to take when planning a warehouse event? The cleanliness of the space! You can’t put in any décor, or bring in food or equipment, if the warehouse looks like a working warehouse. Be sure to hire a cleaning crew, or have the venue do so, to take care of dust and other cleanliness issues. Be sure to do a visual inspection yourself multiple times before the event.

Bring in Homey Décor to Offset the Utilitarian Backdrop

Finally, be sure to consider how the event design can make the warehouse feel less utilitarian. Offset the cold and industrial nature of the venue with things like plush seating, chandeliers, area rugs, live plants, and other homey touches.

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