4 Design Concepts to Energize Nonprofit Events

Nonprofit events are a unique challenge for anyone who has ever tried to plan one. The budget is usually limited, and often the point of the event is to raise money or awareness – or both. With that very specific goal in mind, the event design has to be focused, and above all, it has to convince the guests to take action. Lifeless design for a nonprofit is one of the biggest struggles for this type of event. If you want to earn your event planner salary and wow your clients, here are four design concepts to consider for your next nonprofit event.

Let Your Guests Roam Through the Evening with Unique Event Design

One of the most tired nonprofit event designs out there is the sit-down dinner, where guests are stuck at a table with people they may not know, listening to speakers and eating and trying not to fall asleep. Instead, feed your guests an array of tapas and cocktails at various stations around the room and let them roam. Interactive exhibitions and live music can make it feel more like a party or a fun gala, rather than another boring fundraising dinner.

Take Advantage of Special Dates in Your Event Design

If you happen to luck out with an event that is scheduled near a holiday, go all-out with a themed event design. If the event is near the end of October, make it a masquerade ball. If the event is in the summer, make it a family-friendly picnic complete with games and fireworks. These are smart ways to liven up an event in a way that people are familiar with, and therefore more comfortable with.

Think Outside the Box on the Location for Your Event

If you’ve always held nonprofit events at a dining hall, at the nonprofit organization itself, or in a specific venue, mix it up. Think outside the box. Get away from restaurants and meeting halls, and try art galleries, unique warehouses, pop up shops, and more. There are many places that offer space for events, especially if they are charity-related, and this can be a fun way to put some interest back into the event.

Get the Guests Moving With a Multi-Location Event

Many nonprofit events include things like 5k Walks and races. Why not take these types of events up a notch by turning them into a multi-location scavenger hunt? Get your guests fully invested with prizes and fun clues, let them work together in teams, and you’ll have a unique event design that they won’t stop talking about for months.

All of these event design ideas are great ways to really earn that event planner salary. Wondering how else you can wow your clients with amazing ideas that they haven’t heard before? Check out our online event planning course, where you can transform your career with more industry insider tips.

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