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Getting started in the field of event design and working as a wedding designer can be one of the most rewarding careers you could possibly choose. The problem is that there are so many men and women out there trying to do exactly the same thing. When you look at this statement, does it make you wonder how on earth you will ever compete let alone rise to the top where you have clients knocking your door down?

Event Design - Getting Ahead of the Competition

Many people start off working in the field of event design after helping to plan a few events such as weddings for friends. They have no formal training, just an eye for what it takes to plan every facet of the event from finding the right location to choosing the perfect caterer, and so forth. They learn how to make the right connections along the way and seem to do fairly well for themselves.

When you look at a "success" story like this, it can be hard to imagine what you could possibly do to outperform these individuals. One of the best things you can do in your quest to become a better wedding designer is to take a course in event design hosted by a team of professionals whose combined experience covers decades, and earn your Accredited Event Designer (AED) Diploma.

Designing Events With IWED

There are two ways to attend the AED diploma program offered by IWED Global. The first and most recommended way is to attend one of the many "live" event design classes put on all over the country during the year. These classes cover a wide range of topics over 5 days that includes plenty of hands-on learning. Each student receives their own introductory kit to help them get off on the right foot. These classes are taught by experts, many of whom are still working out in the field.

You say you are too busy to take time out to attend classes or you can't get the time off from your current job? At IWED Global, this is not a problem. In fact, a large percentage of our most successful students began their careers from the couch at home via our online classes. With the online classes, students can take up to a full year to complete the required coursework. This allows students to work on their classes at their own pace when and where they have time to fit them in. Students will still have access to a personal mentor who is there to help answer any questions. Best of all these classes can be accessed at any time night or day to give you the boost you need to get off to a successful start in your new career in event design.

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