Executing Successful Client Consultations

Executing Successful Client Consultations

Working in the wedding industry means that you encounter many couples throughout the year. Whether you are a wedding planner, wedding designer, a wedding venue, a floral designer, or anything within the realms of weddings, you know that taking care of your clients is your number one priority.

Event Designers – What to Know About Your Client’s

Let’s say that you're an accredited event designer. You work with many different types of clients each year and work hard to give them everything they hoped for, and more, for their event day. Usually, as an event designer, most of your clients tend to be a couple that wants your expertise to design their wedding day.

Weddings are a big deal, and typically something that couples only plan to do once, so of course, they want their venue decorated perfectly!

But how do you make sure you have hit every single thing that a couple desires?! We’re here to help you with that!

Event Designing to Your Clients Desires!

Once you have landed the role of designing a wedding for a couple, there is one huge step that every designer should do, this step is the client consultation!

The client consultation is something that should be done before any design planning starts. The consultation is time to make sure you have flagged out all of your clients wishes for their wedding day.

Client Consultation

Your first consultation with your client should be done as soon as possible. Typically this can be done after getting confirmation that you will be designing a couple's wedding. The first consultation is usually the longest, as this is the time for you to get to understand who your couple is.

Understanding your clients means you have picked up on their interests and dislikes towards events. You are going to want to know a lot of things about their wedding wishes.

You will want to ask questions that pertain to the wedding venue, how many guests the couple expects to have, what colors will be incorporated into their day, what unique items they want to see in their design, etc. The questions are endless, so continue to ask as many questions as you feel necessary.

Remember, the more questions you ask, the more confident you can feel in your designs.

Design with More Consultations

Now that the first consultation has been completed, you can start prepping your designs for the couples wedding day. As you design, it is going to be important to schedule a few more consultations with your client. This will help in making sure that your client's wishes haven’t changed. This is also important to update them as to where you are in your designing preparations.

A couple gains so much confidence when you hold small consultations. Put yourself in their shoes, would you find trust in your designer if they scheduled small consultations leading up to your wedding day? You probably would, so why not do it for your client?!

Do everything possible to gain trust and reputation from your clients during the designing process. This will help your business to be reputable. Having a reputable business leads to more designing jobs! So, get out there and execute the perfect client consultations!! Happy designing!

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