Setting the tone and ambiance of any event is key to making sure your guests have a good time. Because many factors are incorporated into creating the perfect setting for your event, we’ve highlighted three that we found are a few of the most important for any event. Regardless of whether your event is a wedding reception or industry conference, you won’t want to overlook lighting, music or banquet seating elements.


The easiest way to influence ambiance at your event is through lighting. There are numerous options to choose from, ranging from standing lamps to table lanterns and more. For a more romantic feel, you can even opt for dimly lit candles and hang chandelier lights. For a more contemporary feel, add sleek touches to your lights with metal accents. Strategically place the lights around areas that you want to feature as focal points at your event.


When it comes to music at events, there’s more than what types of songs you’ll play. Choosing between a live jazz band, a hip DJ or a solo violinist can make a huge difference in the mood of your event. The volume should be loud enough to fill any empty gaps in conversation, but quiet enough that your guests will have an easy time communicating. If you are having a large dance party at your event, do you have a large enough sound system to keep the music pumping and crowd dancing all night long? Lastly, make sure you check with your event coordinator to find out if your venue and area have any noise restrictions.

Banquet Seating Arrangement

One of the critical factors in making your event a success is by taking careful consideration into your banquet seating. Certain arrangements can influence conversation, interaction and viewing of important presentations. Round tables can make a wedding reception feel more like a conference, whereas long, rectangular dining tables can be a more appropriate setting. Work with your event caterer and venue to see what options can be made possible.

Make your event an inspiring success for all who attend. Be sure to check out our other posts to learn more about creating an event that your guests will love.